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Hello from sub-zero Idaho!


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Hi to all from Idaho, just a quick bit on myself. I'm 62 years old retired from Department of Energy in regards to the manufacture of nukes in Colorado and Idaho. I helped setup a new Cabelas in Idaho Falls and worked at their gun counter for about six months didn't like it and moved on. Now I work 20 hours a week at a little gun shop five minutes from my house and life is good! I shot National Match hi power years ago mainly with a Garand and loved it and for the past three years have shot on a very informal fun trap/ five stand league. A good friend has me kind of interested in shooting 3 gun this summer here in Southeast Idaho, that's where I'm at and am sure I'll enjoy reading what you guys have to say and hopefully I'll learn something!

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Before I left Cabelas I was able to purchase an early 1996 Wilson Combat Classic in .45 acp they really didn't know what they had the gun is like new and with my military discount it left with me for $900 and change. The only other pistol I own besides revolvers is a Sig 226. I suppose I could use either for USPSA?

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