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  1. Benny Hill's outfit built mine. I'm very happy with it. http://triangleshootingsports.com/products/shotgun/ There are quite a few other reputable folks who do this work too, but this is my only personal experience.
  2. Too many cool ones to choose from and stories to go with them.
  3. Glock 17 1.3", 3.5 gr, 136 avg PF w/SD of 8 1.3", 3.8gr, 142 avg PF w/SD of 6 I know I chrono'd more, but can't find the data sheet.
  4. I have the Hundo in 9 and 40. 9 always passes and 40 mostly does. My guns swallow the ones that do not pass without issue. What I like best about this gauge is it makes it quick and easy to spot flipped or high primers, or to see any obvious malfunction - albeit extremely rare. Then I set my 100 round MTM on top of the gauge for a quick transfer. One quick inspection and flip into another MTM case and I'm good to go.
  5. I too have the older one that I added a case feeder and auto drive. I bought the channel clamp because MIke said it was an upgrade designed for automation. Works well. I didn't have issues prior to the upgrade, but it reinforces the unit and beats breaking the unit.
  6. It’s been a while, but I thought I remembered folks not recommending the MBF expanders on the 1050’s. The Dillon powder funnel was preferred. I don’t remember why... I’m d and it’s been a while - LOL. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I hope Last Man is returning. It has to be one of the best shows ever! Big Bang had to grow on me, but I love it now and I immediately took to Young Sheldon. All three shows could not be cast any better!
  8. I had mine done 15 years ago. It was great for the first 3 years, but the vision in my right eye began deteriorating. My ophthalmologist said the cornea was too thin and the procedure should not have been done. The cornea is drooping and my vision in that eye sucks. I don't remember the prescription for it, but even corrected, I can't make out letters/words of normal type. Fortunately, my left eye is fine. I'd never do it again because screwups are permanent. Doc claims a cornea replacement is in my distant future, but I doubt I'd ever do it. My laser doc was extremely well respected and expe
  9. It's a universal case neck expanding die to hold the bullet in place before it is seated.
  10. If you plan to load a fair amount of rifle, I’d seriously consider upgrading to the 1050 for the swagger alone. A prep head and a loading head. It’s expensive but worth it to me. I started with the 550, upgraded to 650 and then to the 1050. Wouldn’t process volumes of rifle brass any other way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I’d say 223 because you shoot it more. In rifle, I’ve only loaded 223 but I can’t imagine them being much different, especially at the distances you are shooting. If you decide on long distance precision, that’s a different animal and out of my wheelhouse. Lots of rifle folks should be posting to you shortly. I say go for it. Stick powders will be a thing you’ll have to deal with if that’s your type of powder. Polishing the funnel and slowing down helps with the powder bridging and changing to an RCBS, case activated powder dispenser I hears helps too. Best of luck Sent from my iPhone usi
  12. Hanna is the shepherd and Maddi the mastiff. Best of friends.
  13. Given you intend to load about 800 rounds of 9mm per month and given the good advice from those above, also consider the amount of time you have available for reloading, and will it be changing in the near future. How good are you from a mechanical perspective? Do you mind keeping both hands busy between pulls? There are other things to consider but this is what comes to mind from my experience. I researched this forum and reloading manuals extensively before I bought a press. I started on a 550 because I intended to load 9, 40 and at some point 223. The 550 is fantastic press, but I got tired
  14. It seems to perform, but for a sales/promotional video: I don't get the purpose of the cardboard for processing 300 blackout. Looks pretty tacky. I don't remember the caliber, but after the blackout, there was a tool-head setup with a rubber band and a non-trimmed zip tie. I didn't check the price tag for it, but I'm sure it's hefty and folks spending that kind of cash probably expect it to look a little more professional. I'm not knocking the product, per se, mostly the presentation and possible lack of engineering. But maybe I'm missing something.
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