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Any way to get .357sig on a SDB?

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The design of the SDB won't maintain consistent headspace on the bottlenecked cartridges. Even if someone offered an aftermarket SDB die set in 357 SIG, I would be skeptical. I did have a customer who sized off the machine, modified a seat and crimp die to fit (using a lathe), and assembles 357 SIG on his SDB. Lots of effort.

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Don't know that I can justify a 550/650 for one caliber. I have 2 SDB machines with 9mm, .45 and .38/.357 setups. I still have 5 pistol calibers and 3 rifle calibers on the Lee Turret.

Buy the 550/650 and sell the SDB's to help offset the cost. :cheers:

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