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550b primer seat problem

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In addition to Sarges post also check

the screws that set the amount of primer arm depth is off and the cup is catching the primer tube lip at the bottom of the stroke or the hole in the ram below the shell plate at the top of the stroke popping the primer up out of the cup just before it is seated with an empty press cycle slowly and make sure it is a smooth operation by both feel and ear listen for any clicks or to feel any binding

I also "seat the press ram" then tighten the primer assembly to the press, holding the press handle forward with my shoulder while using my hands and wrench to lock it in don't know if that helps but I don't seem to flip primers


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I would think that the primer cup could be a little tall.

Take a pair of adjustable pliers, run the primer arm out some. Loosen the set screw and then press the cup as far down as it will go and tighten the set screw.

Also as stated before, vibration of the machine can make the primers jump. Stay smooth with the process.

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