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Merry Christmas from Illinois


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Hello everybody. I'm from Morton grove Illinois trying to get into uspsa shooting. I don't know where to start? Have the holster , glock 17 and equipment to start but I don't know where to shoot uspsa here in my area. Thanks again. God Bless America!

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Hello from the Western 'burbs.... :D

There is more than one option in these parts, but take the time to check out this club: http://npcccinc.com/content.php

It's near Chesterton Indiana....not very far at all. They have USPSA, IDPA and Steel Matches every month during the spring/summer. Nice people, low pressure, good fun.


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Check out Oak Park Sportsmans Club in Plainfield. Its a great club

and have large turnouts for their USPSA matches with great stages.

Also if you want to shoot this winter Pine Tree Pistol Club in Rockford

is an indoor range and has matches all year long on the first Sunday.

They also shoot every Thursday night starting about 6pm. There are

several shooters than come from the suburbs. Pine Tree's big match of

the year is called the WIIT (Winter Indoor Invitational Tournament) and

is shot the first weekend in March. But, it fills up fast, so check out

their website for more information.

Welcome to the BE Forum.

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Welcome to the forums! Looks like the locals are hooking you up but you can also go to uspsa.org and use the club finder feature by putting in your zip code. Good luck and you can't go wrong with a Glock 17 in Production! :)

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