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  1. Bourbon and Rye, oh my.... (And a little Japanese whiskey)
  2. Let me know when you attend. I go to almost every USPSA match at ORSA, and would like to meet you.
  3. And since my old thread came up again, I wanted to thank all of you that suggested ORSA almost three years ago. We joined shortly after our first few matches, and are continuing to maintain our membership.
  4. Been the best thing that ever happened to us. Love the area, love the people. We've made many friends over the past couple years. Your parents should be very happy. ORSA is going to be the closet matches to Maryville. Less than an hour, more like 45 minutes. ORSA Web Site USPSA, IDPA, Mulit-gun, Steel Challenge, plus other stuff. Well run place. The only other place nearby that I've tried is TAC2 about 90 minutes NE of Knoxville. Small, more "casual" Let me know if you have any specific questions about the area.
  5. I used to use the plastic 50 and 100 round boxes, but found a much better answer. Cheap food storage containers....Glad, Ziplock, etc.
  6. When I did try the carry thing, it was a 9mm Kahr. Nothing like my comp guns. These days, I don't carry....To much of a bother. Tried it. Even went through the hassle of getting a permit in IL, back in 2014, for gosh sake. Didn't like carrying. Didn't feel I needed to carry. Live in TN now. Easy to get one here, but I haven't.
  7. All four clubs I've shot at, IL, IN, and TN, have their USPSA matches on Saturdays... The longest drive I've done for matches was about an hour and 45 minutes.
  8. Very true, Sir...very true. I should have said, have a known good shooter shoot your gun, just to confirm whether or not the gun/ammo is the issue.
  9. My thoughts are this. You are probably not going to solve this on the internet. You need to get someone else involved, preferable a professional instructor. Someone who can watch you shoot, find the problem, and coach you out of it. (They can also shoot your gun and show you the gun/ammo is not the problem)
  10. A Buckmark should not be having issues after 6 stages....
  11. BobT

    Grease or Oil

    Both....Grease if it slides, oil if it rotates.... Please don't ask me where that came from, or why I do it, because I can't remember. Works for me though... (But I suspect just about anything would work)
  12. You can disable the magazine disconnect on a Hi-Power. Someone else will have to tell if it is legal in USPSA. Oh...And most definitely shoot what you got, in whatever division it fits. It's possible you may not even like the game.
  13. Did an action pistol class before my first match several years ago. Day long course. Covered safety (of course), gun handling (including drawing and reholstering), rules, stage planning, and live fire. They covered USPSA, IDPA, and Steel Challenge. With a stage for each. I liked it made the whole more accessible for me. Even meet some folks there I shot with later.
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