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  1. The NERD belts look pretty nice.....but....I might have to ask if they do custom sizes, or if it is OK to cut one down? From the Noose page: Just a skinny guy here, with a 30" waist. LOL...
  2. BobT

    Slug a barrel

    For 9mm, I use 36 cal lead round balls for black powder, and piece of wood dowel rod. Works well
  3. I no issues with the stock extractor, but I read that some people had. It was easy to do, and inexpensive, so I just did it. Even though you are limited to 8+1 to start, after the buzzer you can reload to the max. But to be honest, I went with the +5 because it looked good, being only slightly longer than the barrel.
  4. Pretty much the same here. MOA +5, follower and match saver. I also replaced the extractor and extractor spring with Benelli parts, due to advice from another forum. Also, make sure you fit it properly. There a lot of web instructions on fitting, or you can have a pro do it. It's my first and only shotgun, so I can't compare to other brands, but so far it has worked well and it hasn't let me down.
  5. I use One Shot. Just a very light coat, and I don't worry about removing it.
  6. Be careful with that. Some of us Makarov reloaders use shortened 9mm Luger brass....LOL!
  7. What Jack said ^^ I DQed my first match on the second stage.
  8. Cool.... I'll be the old guy fumbling around with a Beretta 92 in squad 2. Haven't shot a match since it got cold back at our old place in Illinois.
  9. At Oak Ridge? If so, I'll be there. And welcome to the forum.
  10. You should start here: http://forums.brianenos.com/index.php?/topic/19635-reloading-bench-construction/ For me the three most important things are height, strength, and space. And welcome....where ya from? Bob
  11. We went and saw it yesterday. Very well done. I think I liked the first one better, due to the slow build up learning who/what Mr. Wick was, but for sequel, I have no complaints. Bob
  12. This ^^ My wife's PPQ has the tightest chamber I've ever dealt with. A case gauge will not guarantee that the round will fit that pistol. Bob
  13. Just a quick update. We found a great house on the north side of Knoxville, and closed in November. I retired after from my job of 33 years at the end of December and we officially moved the first week of January. We went and visited the Oak Ridge club during the January USPSA match. It's close to the new house, with a friendly bunch of shooters, (although pretty much everyone we meet down is friendly). It looks like a great club and we are defiantly going to join. I've already signed up for the February USPSA match. Just need to figure out which box has all my gear in it. Thanks for the help, everyone.
  14. Well Duh! I should have thought of that.... Perfect! Thanks! We are looking at the smaller towns that circle Knoxville....so that would be right close....
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