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Slugging barrel


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Is there a uniform size for sp-01, or do I need to get it slugged?

I want to buy a mold (356), but don't want to buy the wrong size. As in, 356 will do me no good if my barrel is already 357.

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I will use lyman Molds for this example.

The drop of a 356 mold is based on lyman #2 alloy (90% lead 5% Tin and 5% Antimanty)

Different alloys will give different shrink rate after cooling.

You need to get a copy of Lyman cast bullets handbook

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Tjart, Daddas Cast Bullets sells slugs for slugging your barrel. You get a couple of round slugs for a buck plus shipping. Drop one in the chamber, then use a 5/16" wooden dowel section to tamp it down the barrel, tapping with a hammer. IF you don't have a mic you can send the slugs back to Dardas and he will accurately measure them for you and tell you what the correct diameter lead bullets for your barrel. BTW, his bullets are super good, so if you decide not to cast your own, give his a try.

Alternately, you may consider ordering 100 each of his .036, .037, .038 and .039 sized bullets in your favorite profile and weight and see which shoots the most accurately in your pistol without leading the barrel. Then you'll know what diameter swagging die to buy.

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