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smallest 2011 grip

Red Ryder

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If the reason you are asking this question is because you have small hands then I can certainly offer you some answers. When I moved to the 2011 platform I had previously shot S&W MP's and Tanfoglio Limited Elite pistols and I was amazed at how comfortable the 2011 platform was over both of these. This is what I did and do to my 2011 pistols -

I take the STI grip and send it to Jim Shanahan with Advanced Performance Shooting. If you call and talk to Jim and discuss your concerns over the size of the grip he will have you send him a tracing of your hand. He has done 4 grips for me and I have absolutely enjoyed each one. If I do another build he will once again do the grip for me. A word of caution I have read that you can take too much material off of an STI polymer grip to the point that squeezing the grip will keep the mags from dropping freely. This has never been an issue with Jim's grips.

The other thing that I have done on each of my 2011 pistols is to use the STI Oversized button on the magazine release button. By adding this and angling it upwards towards the rear safety it helps with not having to shift your grip to drop the magazine.

I honestly believe that these enhancements have assisted with my transition to the 2011 platform.

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SVI makes the "Infinity Competition" grip that is made for small to medium sized hands.

They also make an "Infinity Enhanced Ergonomics" grip which reduces the distance from the backstrap to the trigger face. Tried a buddies' gun with this frame and the aggressive micro pockets and thought it was perfect for my average sized hands.

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I don't know if it is the smallest, but I have one of the Extreme STI-DVC grips.

It is much smaller than the standard grip.

Cant beat the customer service or the price.

Highly recommend.


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