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threaded comp


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Are all the comps on open guns just threaded on or are they permanently attached ?

I'd love to get into open guns ,but with BS laws in NY threaded barrel is big nono.

I had my eye on Czechmate but threaded barrel killed my dream and if I have comp permanently attached , I wont be able to take barrel out of the slide .

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The czechmate comp does not get removed every time you pull the barrel. It pulls out the front. You could probably have it pinned or welded to make it 'permanent'.

The other option as mentioned is most of the sti open guns are built on a 1 piece barrel/comp.

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I'd love to get into open guns, but in NY threaded barrel is big no no.

Actually, your bigger problem in NY is shooting OPEN with

a 10-round mag.

Okay if you're competing with another New Yorker or Canadian,

but if you go to most states to compete (Pa, CT, etc) you will

be up against people with 30 round mags.

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Thanks for replies .

I dont have a clue how double post happened ,please close one of them .

i was only able to find one wideo on Czechmate dissasembly and it looked like comp had to come off , anybody has link to more detailed video?

10 round mags are a problem , but I can always keep them "appart" or keep them at my sisters hose in PA.....Theres always more then one way to sin the cat lol

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You are right. I must have been half asleep. Looked at a cm yesterday and as always barrel out = comp has to come off. Sorry, my small brain was confused.

You could still have it pinned as you can still clean the barrel with it in the slide but it's not ideal.

If you like the cz type guns consider a tanfoglio/witness gold team/Eric gold custom.

Their comp does screw on but it's pretty hard to remove and never needs to be removed for cleaning or full disassembly. It could most definitely be pinned or welded with no ill effect. That one does slide out the front. :). I promise!

Otherwise sti with trubor barrel/comp is probably your best bet.

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