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update 650 ?

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My 650 is turning 21 years old today. It has preformed flawlessly over these many years. With the exception of some replacement parts because of wear I have not had a single problem. However I have noticed that the platform on top of the ram has been redesigned. Mine has the older thin style. Is there any advantage to have this updated? My press has really been run hard and never once have I had an issue with it.

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if you contact dillon, they will send you a new platform, and an alignment tool. i had the old style platform and they sent me the parts for free. i forgot why i had to contact them about it, but i did have an issue and when we were both diagnosing it, the tech told me i had the old platform and just sent me the parts to install. great customer service.

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I just updated my 650 from the old style to the new(old one was bent when I acquired it, got progressively worse until it wouldn't run), and am having issues with the cam assembly binding. It acts like it's too loose on the arm and cocks to the side before it begins it's travel rearward to pick up the next case. Is this an adjustment issue or a part fit issue?

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