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  1. Thanks that eases my mind a bit
  2. I bought an Armory Craft slide racker for my TSO (9mm) and I was wondering if anyone had theirs just slide in? Did anyone have to push theirs in? Mine freely slid in (and can slide out). Of course with the single set screw, it stays in place. But I was still expecting to push it in a bit. Thanks
  3. codemonkey001

    TS to CM

    I want to do this! Just wondering if I would benefit from the compensator with off the shelf ammo.
  4. The TS feels big but fits, if you follow me. I wear size large gloves and it fits well. I think if it was a little larger it would be too big for me. But if it was Shadow 2 size it would need different grips. The shadow 2 is a little “skinny” to me. I would definitely need to get some grips that had a bit more palm swell to them. But the shadow 2 is still grippy with the aluminum grips, it’s just a comfort thing for me.
  5. I think a lot of people recommend extra slide stops. Grabagun has good prices on mags.
  6. i think they will b/c if there's no further discounts, they have a mechanism for that on their end. I tried to add a Zenith z5rs and it said no further discounts on their products. So if it took it, i think they will honor it.
  7. thanks for the link. may take Brownells a while though. i've pre-ordered from them several times and even after release, it can take them months. one time, they called me 1yr after i tried buying a Scar17.
  8. Man I want my TS to look like that black and gold camo one. It’s beautiful
  9. negative, the Trijicon screws are too big. they're at least a size up from the Zev screws.
  10. Does anyone know the length and thread pitch for the Zev Dragonfly RMR mounting screws? Apparently they don't include them when you buy the full gun but do include them if you purchase just the slide. The screws are $8 on their website and shipping is $6.90. I can probably buy 100 of those little screws for the same price at Fastenal. Anyone mounted their RMR on a Dragonfly care to help me out? Thanks
  11. I use Redding dies for my rifles. I just use the FL die and the seater. Eventually I will upgrade to the micrometer dies for rifle too. I have them for pistol and I love it. I have a Lee Factory Crimp die but don't use it. I have a lot of neck tension using Hornady 55gr fmj with cannelue. I've dropped and pushed the bullet tips and they don't move. Also with the Dillon RT1200, I don't chamfer the neck.
  12. i keep my RCBS Rockchucker around to develop loads. Once i test/chrono the loads, then i bulk load on a 650. i also pull bullets using the RCBS if needed. it's useful to have a single stage around.
  13. i run two 650's just b/c i am too lazy to switch over priming systems. but now that i shoot less, i think i can make due with one press. i have a complete backup priming system, so i wouldn't have to change over the priming disks, i would just have to switch over the primer punch, which to me can be a pain. if you shoot a lot, it's worth it to have two. i shot a lot of 9mm and 45acp when i was a member of a private range so i was constantly loading.
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