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Converting CZ 75 SAO to SA/DA


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Besides the following swaps, does anyone know what else it would take to convert a 75 SAO to SA/DA?

- SAO trigger swap to SA/DA trigger

- add disconnector

I compete in USPSA production division and prefer the 75 Shadow short dust cover frame and was hoping to build a dry fire/backup gun. I'm in CA and getting another 75 Shadow is next to impossible for me.

Thanks for any input!

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The single action version of the CZ 75 is not production legal because single action guns are not allowed in Production and it's not on the list. Installing the double action parts on/in it doesn't change that. If Amidon once ruled otherwise by email, that email would have to be published to have any value. Also, at least in my view, such a ruling would be erroneous, and so if you were to ask, I wouldn't be so sure you'll get the answer you want. Basically what you're asking about is like putting a 9mm barrel in a Glock 22. Nobody knows why it's illegal other than the rules say so, but since the rules say so, shooting Production with a Glock 22 with a 9mm conversion barrel is still illegal.

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