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New Product: USPSA, IDPA and IPSC boxes

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Now you know your ammo is in spec, it's time to check your pistol is.

Introducing the Shockbottle combo USPSA & IDPA check box.


Dual-purpose box can be set to USPSA Production and Single Stack or IDPA SSP, ESP and CDP dimensions.

Minimum size so anything that fits it, will fit anywhere you go.

Has 141mm and 171mm markings to check magazines for Limited and Open (verify with the EGW official gauge if questionable)

Open frame design with square corners to easily identify problem areas-- just slide a rod or ruler over the box and where it hits doesn't fit. Use on a flat soft surface (wood, plastic, thin cloth, etc) to protect pistol finishes.

Coming soon: IPSC box for you peeps hitting the World Shoot. It'll have a magazine-checking window for 170mm magazines (per latest IPSC guidance) and a 35mm slot for Classic division magwells.

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IPSC boxes are done (and tested at the Florida World Shoot equipment check) but are made to order due to low demand in the US (who knew??) :)

Best thing is to put in a back order someplace that offers them and they'll pester us into making one for you. If you complain a lot, we can probably get them out before IPSC Nationals.

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