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  1. Does anyone have any leads on where i May be able to get some fired 6.5 brass?
  2. They don't support shooting sports that I know of so why support them
  3. I agree with SSanders above. But I mainly stay with the TTI followers and springs along with their masepads.
  4. TTI is making great heavy brass magwells for Glocks now. I have one of the the first ones they made. Not on website but email them you want one.
  5. I just acquired a used 650 in good shape. This is my first time to set up 650 for 9mm. I'm using 9mm/38 conversion with green tube and small green insert on swing arm with the small silver insert underneath swing arm. When I am pulling handle where it gets to the top that should be the point where the next 9mm case is fed down into the slide, the case is dropping out halfway up on the stroke. Any advise? Sorry for using wrong terminology on any parts if I did so. Thanks in advance.
  6. Jeremy, the stage you work is always one of the best run and most consistent run stages of all the matches you work. Keep up the good work. Ric
  7. Why not send the gun back to the builder and let them do this for you. If there is a warranty, it will still be honored if the builder does it instead of a home job.
  8. I decided to start another thread since the other one says applications. I came up with the following breakdown of Divisions and Classes from the squadding page off of Practiscore, but also know some of the match staff isnt listed, but this is the breakdown. Match start date is 2 weeks from today. Im sure Steph will have the correct numbers at some time but she is a busy woman right now, just had some time and know some of you are interested in this. Ric Open GM - 3 Open M - 11 Open A - 11 Open B - 9 Open C - 14 Open D - 4 Open U - 2 Limited GM - 2 Limited M - 4 Limited A - 15 Limited B - 19 Limited C - 20 Limited D - 7 Limited U - 5 Production GM - 4 Production M - 9 Production A - 4 Production B - 15 Production C - 13 Production D - 6 Production U - 4 Limited 10 GM - 1 Limited 10 M - 1 Limited 10 A - 0 Limited 10 B - 2 Limited 10 C - 0 Limited 10 D - 1 Limited 10 U - 0 SS GM - 0 SS M - 0 SS A - 3 SS B - 2 SS C - 7 SS D - 1 SS U- 2 Revolver GM - 1 Revolver M - 5 Revolver A- 4 Revolver B- 3 Revolver C- 3 Revolver D- 0 Revolver U- 1 219 Total Shooters Listed
  9. You can wear a race holster in uspsa. Not sure for official steel challenge
  10. I havent bought a new vehicle in 10 years and am having to get one now. I have never leased, but would like to hear from some of you that do and see if that would be a better option for us right now, pros and cons. Or just buy again, but really cant afford a big monthly payment right now, thats why im looking at leasing. Thanks in advance. Ric
  11. I am trying to make sure I have all the right parts needed to do this. I have searched the forum here and looked at the Dillon sight as well as Brians Store. Here is my main question, when buy the quick change deluxe, does it come with powder bars or do you have to buy that extra. So here is what I got in my cart at Brians Store: 9mm/38 super caliber conversion kit 650 Deluxe Quick Change Kit (Should i add the Small Powder Bar here to install in the Quick Change Kit) (Should i add Failsafe Rod/Assem here as well or does that come with Quick Change Kit) Just want to get everything to set up the Quick Change the first time and be able to take the 40 set up out and install the 9 set up in minutes. Any info is greatly appreciated. I might just be reading into this a little to much and confusing myself.
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