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SV open airsoft

Thomas Moore

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it seems that the open model is a little difficult to find.

so i'm asking my fellow enos flock to help me locate an open version like the one sv has on their web site.

however i may end up installing a doctor on a limited sv western arm airsoft.

thanks for any help.

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thanks for your post. ordering overseas was one of my concerns. i don't know how customs would handle such an item. if you're from the states you'll know that we require the tip of the barrel to be painted orange. how long did it take for your order to get to you and was the barrel painted orange.

on another note i ordered a hat from the last world shoot in south africa and never received the hat.

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I've had no problems with either company. I just ordered a ton of upgrade parts for my limited gun (going High Presssure Air) from wgc and it took about 2 weeks.

My barrel was orange but you can buy metal replacements without paint, or I've heard you can take the paint off. The parts are cheap.

Customs doesn't seem to be a problem but if you want to check with www.airsoftatlanta.com or www.airsoftextreme.com they are US and carry SVI but aren't showing any open models in stock at the moment.

The fastest progress I made was when I was using my airsoft. It let me isolate what I wanted to work on. Soon as I get moved back to Florida I'm planning a ton of airsoft work.

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Last night I went to the Airsoft Extreme store here in Santa Clara to look at the all metal Duo Tone SV 5" ($325.00) Very nice looking, but I couldn't get a good look at it because the 2 idjits behind the counter wouldn't stop telling their "combat" stories to their buddies long enough to notice me! 4 people (2 behind the counter & 2 in front) in the store plus me and I flat couldn't get their attention. After a couple of minutes standing in front of the counter, saying "Excuse me", "Hey", and rapping my knuckles on the counter rather loudly I got pissed and left.

I think I'll order mine online direct from Japan, I'll probably get it faster than I would have been waited on at Airsoft Extreme's store.


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can the states order directly from the Westerarms manufacture? i would like to purchace one of their airsoft guns, like the one in slide 32 on this web page http://www.sviguns.com/WesternArms/main.html

does anyone on this site own one? is there a US distributor?


Any luck finding one here in the states? or has anyone ordered overseas?

Please LMK.



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