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A new family member (feline)


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DJ lit the fire, a girl at school threw gasoline on it and the result is Tuxedo "Tux" Clutterham.

Picked him up yesterday AM and haven't been able to get anything done since. :D Kitten-proofing a room is an interesting exercise.

He joins Kiri, Mico, and Dot, much to their dismay. There's hope for Mico and Dot, but Kiri has the "this is the third time those bastards have done this to me" attitude.




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That's why I always surf the forum while at work :D or very late at night, when I'm staying up to feed the baby his late-night bottle.

I'm sure she would fall for this little kitten and want another cat, just as she is still in doubt whether we should stop now or go for our 4th kid :wacko: .

Cullen: she's very cute :wub: !

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Sweeeeeeet! :wub:

Cullen, this is the funniest feline age: they are curious like...cats and they're prone to play all day long with everything they can find.

If you really want to drive him crazy do the following: tie a thin rope (better a string) to a big cork; if you want to dress it fully you can tie a shorter string on the cork back (as a tail). Then, hideously drive the cork along the room in Tux presence: he'll hide, chase, jump in the air like crazy, and this might go on for hours with plenty of amusement on both sides of the string... ;)

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That is great fun...and exercise for the animals.

I had a neighbor that lived acrossed the street. he used to shine his laser into the front window of another neighbor...who had Doberman Pinschers. lol

You might be suprised how high up a wall one of those dogs can go.

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Kath... thanks! :D

Vince... funny thing about this cat is that while he appears black at first glance, he's actually got some very dark gray striping in there with the black. The white bib, cummerbund, cuffs, and wing-tip shoes round things out nicely. ;) Also, don't blame me... blame DJ!!!

Garfield... that cat'll be cheaper. :P That's a lot of children!

Dave... uh, yeah. :huh::P I did mention he's a boy, right? (See the first photo ;) )

Carlos... yeah, the camera strap made an excellent "birdie" for the photos.

Luca... it turns out I'm his favorite play thing. All kinda of entertainment on my body. I'm good for climbing (got the scratch marks on my back, sides, legs, and arms to prove it) and my extremities make excellent toys (got the teeth marks on my fingers and toes to prove it).

I haven't gotten out our version of the cork on a string with this one, yet (feathers connected to a stick by a string... you can really get the thing moving... all 3 of our older cats love it). He's already doing the jump/hide/chase thing with his inanimate toys, so maybe he's ahead of the curve. B)

Vince... yep, know the laser trick. The funny thing is my boy cat (Mico) will watch it for a second when I first get it going and then just doesn't care. The two girls I can run in circles until they fall down dizzy or out of breath.

Ivan... I can imagine. Our cats, however, have mutual respect for one another and "trade off" as it were. They never go after it at the same time and have to be invited to play (usually by having it appear right in front of them and then "run away").

Flex... can't say that I know whether or not people's pets across the golf course have gone nuts, but I do know a thing or two about making golfers that get to the 18th tee at or shortly after dusk a little uncomfortable. Watching 'em look around for where the laser that's shining on their golfball is coming from is almost as gratifying as having the little one in the above pics sleeping on my shoulder and purring in my ear. :)

Just call me "Lennie." :D

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