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What's a 1050 do?

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Ok as i have read there are 8 stations on a Dillon 1050 what do they do here is my list so far.

1. deprime/resize

2. primer pocket swager

3. prime

4. expand and powder dump

5. Seat the bullet

6. Crimp the bullet....

that leaves 2 unaccounted for..

could someone please enlighten me.... thanks!!!

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First station actually feeds in the case.

Then nearly as you describe,

2. deprime/resize

3. primer pocket swager

4. prime

5. expand and powder dump

6. Powder Check

7. Seat the bullet

8. Crimp the bullet....

Eject on down stroke, then insert case on station 1

I think, from feeble memory

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The powder dump does not expand/flare the case. That takes place at the #3 swage station.

I thought this was a 2 stage... partly in the swage, and partly in the powder drop.

Don't some people use the 1050 powder drop on their 550/650's to slightly bell. (Larry?)

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I bell at the powder-drop stage. The funnel has a straight bevel on it, as opposed to the two-step funnel on the 650/550 design (and thus is not caliber-specific)

Stage 2 I have set to not do much of anything at the moment, but there is the opportunity to expand the case there while de-crimping. That led to loose bullet tension for me.

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