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Max capacity 9mm 140mm specs

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Just picked up a 9mm 5.0 tactical and I'm very impressed. Factory 140mm mag with spacer gives me 21 rds reloadable and locks open. What combination will give me max capacity with 140mm factory sti mag tubes. I'd like to get 24 or so.

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With the Grams internals and either Grams 3mm or Dawson +1 pad, you should easily get 23 rounds of 9mm, I get 23 rounds of Super with that setup in my Open gun. 4mm pad or Dawson +1 SNL and/or a more exotic follower may give you another round (24) but doubt you would want to load that off your belt on the fly. 4mm or SNL are very likely to not fit the gauge without hack-fu gunsmithing. Don't have a 140 SV for Super/9mm but that may give you 1 more round (or close to it) vs STI. My SV 170 gets the same capacity as the STI 170 but easier to load and "smoother" feeding and cycling, I tend to only use that mag in matches.

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STI tubes

Dawson pads

Grams springs and follower

No spacer

No tune: 22

Tuned: 23 reload-able ( sneaky suspicion i can get 24, will have to give it a shot tonight if i remember)

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Hello: Old style SVI mags, Grams 4mm and Bolen spring/follower gives me reloadable 24 rounds and fits the gauge. Cheater 140mm for my open pistol I use old style Dawson +2's and it gives me reloadable 26 rounds but does not fit the gauge. My STI mags hold reloadable 23 rounds with Grams spring/follower, Grams 4mm and fit the gauge. The Dawson "SNL" and Grams 4mm are close but you have to check the gauge. Thanks, Eric

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