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  1. I hated switching feom MLA to APA, but it is the thing to do. Luckily word now supports your move by allowing you to choose, and update formatting. So you really dont have to learn a whole new way of doing things, just how to opperate word. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  2. NICE! I spoke with bobby about this gun, Have you shot any major ammo through it?
  3. But gosh darn it, you are still gonna try. -nice blaster
  4. have you relieved, debured, and polished the interior of the measure? The face of the powder bar must also be true. With dense powders, the weight of the powder can cause uneven powder drops / lockup. Run a powder baffle. I run two powder baffles and would swear by them. Pm me if you need help with any of the above and I will start a DIY thread for this.
  5. bad gun, bad.

  6. I am enamored with this gun every time I run across a picture of it. I think that my dream comp gun would be the open IMM brother to this gun. Thanks man. I love it too. Every time I pick it up I can't believe it's mine. if you would pm or post the build sheet, i would enjoy having that in the back of my mind.
  7. Trace, I think it would only be fair if you were to give us a picture of all you Infinity guns together. That way we can get all of the spite out of our systems in one thread. Just start your own gallery thread, something like "this is why everyone loves to hate me" .
  8. I am enamored with this gun every time I run across a picture of it. I think that my dream comp gun would be the open IMM brother to this gun.
  9. wes777

    Two Eyes Open

    Yes, keep shooting. When you are shooting a stage do you notice double vision? Your mind will start ignoring the extra image. If it doesnt, you might not be aiming with the correct eye.
  10. opening the wallet.... so I can shoot open

  11. Finally Classified!

  12. might want to upgrade your scale, running inside of a tenth is really good, most guys get + or - that. If you are within .0x + or - let us know what your secret is... and whether or not it will run on a bigger machine, ie 650.
  13. When you dont need a facebook account because all of you friends are on brianenos.com/forums Much to your wifes chagrin
  14. thanks for putting up the video from open nats, from looking at the scores day by day, must have been brutal.

  15. Na, no jersey. Rocked the FrankenSTI ( second match with a SS) and a bumble f@&$ rig to match. Was the only U shooter in SS. Seriously messed up some stages. Learned the hard way that there is an art to squading. First major and the first two stages were the high point ones. Epic fail. What a blast.
  16. I shot with that dude at Texas state limited, but he was shooting limited that match. God it was hot. My gun decided that it would not release Tripp cobras for nothin. Had to fish out my ETMs to finish Sunday. First major, had a good time, learned allot. One day I will have that SS buckle! Or so I tell myself.
  17. So on to better things.

  18. apparently i dont know how to pin myself.
  19. Last weekend I went all Drill Sergeant (Figure of speach, I dont want to be a drill sergeant) on my reloading bench. Wanted to get rid of the little dance my 650 did at the bottom of the downstroke. Double 2x12 bolted together, anchored in the wall.... doesn't move.
  20. noylj: I tested the lee seating die (.45 acp). Oal variance was + or _ .005 to .006, I thought about what you said and decided it could be better. So I got out the plumbers silicon tape, loctite, and some duct tape, fixed her right up.... cant adjust it very easily but it is rock solid, + or - .004 ish. Bullet seater: I dont have a special bullet seater, but they look very nice. Hornady sizing die: will look into, probably for 9mm. >>> will work on pictures. update to follow.
  21. Noylj, your toolhead has more space than mine.... which is to say that your pocketbook is also kickin mine. I am willing to accept that my memory might be off, I do not recall the oal variance being that great.... however i am willing to try it out. That being said, i do not have the surplus monetary influence necessary to try all of the other brand dies. My redding comp seater makes me happy. Like I said, If i were to reload with Lee Pro 1k again, i would use the powder drop system. ( I think that we are in agreement on the PTE). I would like to understand, on your 1050's you use a Lee seating Die?
  22. I have/had (it is in a box under my workbench) the lee pro 1000 in .45, reloaded close to 9k with it. Trashed the primer system, I don't have the patience that some of you are blessed with.... Instead i got a second toolhead and used the following steps. 1. clean and polish brass - drink beer 2. insert second toolhead with deprime/resize die installed.... Crank like hell (drilled holes under the press for primer drop) 3. take bucket of deprimed brass into the living room, get beer, turn on the tv, tell wife to sort through for small primer, and use rcbs universal hand primer. (hint: find tv marathon) 4. Disclaimer: NO BEER. put primary tool head back in. powder drop and expand in station one, seating die station two, LEE FCD in station three. Play the game to figure out which hole to use on the powder drop (have the powder bar but that thing blows)..... and bang away. Moral to this story: Lee Pro 1000 was a great press when I was shooting 400 rounds a month. For two months straight I reloaded 1500 a month and that was hell. Ordered a 650 from Brian and last week got the casefeeder. Couldn't have set up the press without the practice from the 1000 but GD if it doesn't make the job easier. 1500 in a few hours (I go slow to triple check everything) instead of a month. If I was still shooting 400 a month, I would still be cranking away with the lee, great press for the price. PS> if i were to reload anything on the 1k again i would try like hell to use dies from dillon or RCBS. The powder drop would probably stay but that is about it. Lee FCD is the only lee die that will every touch my 650.
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