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  1. Grams guts. Dawson/grams/tti/shooters choice pads. use: file, vice, hammer, oven, dremel. gauge yourself or be gauged at major.
  2. It is a beautiful gun, with the advent of PT metal grips for S_I frames, the older one piece are going to be a thing of the past. JMHO. Add parts you desire, shoot the thing loose, and retire to back up gun status.
  3. get an LED strip of 2 or 3 that run to a small battery. Mount LED strip at the bottom front of Cmore. Tape battery to left side of grip.
  4. modding a SV trigger shoe to fit the STI grip involves thinning the shoe, Which you already know. Major PITA. If you do it yourself, it will never be what you want it to be (well it never was for me). I did it both ways, it cost me one used SV shoe and one STI grip. I did the hybrid install (SVI shoe on STI trigger bow). I ended back with the STI gunsmith trigger, simply because of the STI plastic grip. IF I was going to purchase the PT grips, I would order the SVI trigger. At the end of the day, you can achieve a sub 1.5-2lb trigger pull on STI triggers and a few other parts with a little know how and tuning. So the extra money is only worth it if you feel it is.
  5. never seen a factory SV with an STI grip either. I would guess that grips get changed over time. So now you can say you have seen a factory SV with an STI grip. Also the FC group is Brazos. Personally, I'd send Brandon the serial number and have him tell you if it was a gunsmith build or an older Factory gun. brandon@sviguns.com +1, I think what everyone is trying to do, albeit in a very nice way, is say that it may have been a factory gun.... at one point. with the modifications you listed..... it is not really a factory piece. Trigger group, grip, maybe cmore (not a whole lot of SV factory guns with serendipity's on them). With the unknown round count, look for a really good deal. FWIW the thumb safety, beaver tail, and racker look to be later installs, to my eyes.
  6. Finally! That video did cover timing and measuring the lug recesses in the slide. I posted here to try and find out how running a light recoil spring and 175pf ammo effects all this. Why not just leave polished SS? Yeah, but why? Baers are tanks. You are guarunteed accuracy, whether you want a 3 inch or 1.5 inch gun is up to you. What you get: Tight fit accuracy ok trigger, which can easily be great Good parts! What you will need: Magazine well Sights (maybe) Maybe FLG - I went with Springfield the first time and 2 Trojans next sights barrel bushing Magwell full ignition system oversized pins/or just better pins reliability job try tuning ammo to get better accuracy, might get lucky. I have been shooting one of these configurations for 10+ years, Picked up a Baer threw some crap in the mag and now regret my last 3 1911s. what makes it worse, I have Baer money in a Trojan. Shop around, find a base model in the 1500 range, save yourself time/money. Polished Stainless-polish away, WHY? blued carbon, use the difference to order Tripp mags. Lighter recoil spring...... you will need a monster grip. 12 to 16 lb spring should cover everything. Lighter than that and you are getting into Lim/Open territory. I thought the same thing... Try shooting 9mm Major ammo through a 9mm single stack. Snappy.
  7. 3 single stacks later, If I were to do it again.... Baer base gun, build from there.
  8. Buffs* Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  9. Disconnector. Are you stacking shock biffs? Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  10. Sound's like your safety is no longer safe! When the hanner is back and the saftey engaged, will depressing the trigger allow the hammer to fall? If so, you can either try to salvage it with a hammer, or fit a new one.
  11. wes777

    Writing papers!

    I hated switching feom MLA to APA, but it is the thing to do. Luckily word now supports your move by allowing you to choose, and update formatting. So you really dont have to learn a whole new way of doing things, just how to opperate word. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  12. I think that I speak for everyone when I say that Corey should declare a division now, and it should probably be revo!
  13. I have looked at it and spoken to shay about it. Have not shot it. Shay is pairing it with his new approach of lengthening the stroke of the gun. Shane Coley thinks that it works well. There are not many of them out there yet.
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