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Pleasant Surprise

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I recently bought a used Match .40 off GB which had Henning's mag well, the Henning trigger, and six mags, five with Henning base pads, so I figured just for all the used parts it was a good deal.

So I check in the package at my dealer yesterday and find a ZipLoc bag containing the stock trigger, some springs, some pins and a brand new, never installed Huenning roller trigger plunger!

That's all. I just wanted to share my surprise with people who would understand.

Also, I just saw that Wholesale Hunter has a Bullseye .40 on GB right now. $1,600 is pretty steep, but it sure would be cool to have a 6" Limited Tanfo. I'd buy it, but I just picked up a Hunter in .45 (L10 is not so bad...). I did call EAA about a 10mm conversion with a 6" .40 barrel; they sounded amenable to the substitution once they have it in stock, someday.

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And I'll give you $50 cash site unseen for that Heuning roller plunger... ;) ;)

I have all the best fire control parts available for a Tanfoglio so I want to do my best and see how it compares to my CZ TS, with a 1 1/2# pull and just over 2mm of travel it's going to be hard to beat, but the short OAL is proving to be difficult to accommodate with the current shortage of components so maybe the Tanfo will earn a place at the table.

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If you could ream the hole in the trigger and get a slightly larger pin to connect it to the trigger bar, you would get rid of most of the pre-travel. I started working on that last year but lost interest. I may fire that project back up.

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