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  1. What kind of warranty does Springfield offer? Does it cover wearing out the aluminum frame in normal usage, if taken care of normally? I seem to remember a lifetime warranty but that was back in late 1980s.
  2. It's very pretty, but why did you coat the frame?
  3. How about cutting a board (or a piece of plastic or something) to fit inside the ammo box and drilling it to precisely fit whatever cartridge you're using? Might be faster than searching until you run into the end of the internet. I saw a notice on the internet once that was captioned, "You have reached the end of the internet, now go outside and play."
  4. I don't shoot as well as most of you guys, but for handgun ammo I tumble brass in ground corn cobs bought in 40 pound sacks I get from a company that sells it for "sand blasting" (I think) its not as consistent in the size of the particles as the stuff intended for reloading cartridges, but is a hell of a lot cheaper and I haven't had any problems. I throw a used drier anti-static sheet into the tumbler, tumble for two hours or so (while I do something else) and then dump it into a separator. The anti-static sheet gets filthy and there is no visible dust/cr*p in the air when I open the separator. My 2 cents.
  5. Atlas- how do you think of all this neat stuff? Don't you sleep at night or what?
  6. How much do you shoot? I've put 12K rounds through my Match (a much cheaper pistol than the Limited) with one part failure that kept failing (until I learned to deal with it). The rear sight kept coming loose. First I screwed it down. Then I loc-tited it. Then I cleaned it with brake cleaner, dried it and loc-tited-it again and finally it worked and has worked for 10K rounds. Hennings makes a fixed rear sight as well if you don't want to mess with it. I have replaced the recoil spring a few times, just to be careful to protect the pistol. I bought a replacement slide stop and extractor & spring, but haven't needed them. Tanfoglio is the manufacturer and EAA is the sole US importer. No idea what their contract says what each can do.
  7. As a wise man (or woman- I forget) once said, "Buy components when available. When powder is in short supply, buy primers and vice versa."
  8. That's great. A bit off topic though. Sorry, I meant to write that possibly the increase in the availability of ammo and nice pistols were related. Maybe supply is starting to catch up with the increased demand that we've had these last six or seven years. PS: Isn't "Middle of nowhere, North Central IL" the same as Chicago?
  9. My local Wal-Mart has most common ammo in stock now and that company that operates out of Winfield, Kansas, USA (whatever its called) has BLC-2 powder in 8# jugs. They've got primers now, but still are short of a lot of powders.
  10. Noob here on this subject, but here's my two cents. I like Winchester's space saving packaging compared to Federal's. I have a limited area to store reloading supplies and the Federals take up so much room compared to the Winchester that I've been giving away Federal Large Pistol primers to a bro-in-law. I think an extended firing pin is probably a good idea as it seems like everyone runs one, but I wonder whether this search for the lightest springs competition is kind of self defeating.
  11. I've bought 4 or 5 stock magazine base pads (because I broke a S&W M&P base pads by letting an unloaded magazine hit the concrete and thought the Tanfo base pads might do the same) from members since I've been on this forum. I tried to sell 5 Beretta .40 caliber magazines on the Beretta subforum, but was slapped down for trying to sell other than on the classified forum. I enjoy this forum more than any other and I hope the moderators rule in our favor.
  12. F*** how you reduced the trigger pull. Tell us about measuring the trigger pull without spending a fortune.
  13. Dude, don't brag about your technical savvy, it just makes the rest of jealous.
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