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CZ 75 SP01


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I have a new CZ 75 SP01 but know nothing about them.

I am trying to establish a baseline of knowledge before I talk with CZCustom.

Can the firing block be removed and the gun still function?

I want to have some work done on it;

Rear Sight Upgrade to adjustable.

Trigger work? What is recommended?

Thanks in advance.

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fpb can be removed easily, but then is not legal for production or idpa.

You can pay czcustom to do a trigger job on it, or you can buy a trigger kit from cajungunworks that will really crisp up the single-action.

Lots of sight options, but if you don't want to mill the slide, it's hard to get an adjustable sight without it ending up pretty tall. I like the fixed sights myself.

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FPB can be removed, but you will most likely need a space to fill the spot where the FPB lifting arm is in the sear. I am not sure, but i think there may be too much slop when you take it out, not sure if it will function properly without the spacer ( they sell it on CZC's site ). Someone that has removed it should be able to answer that for you, but that is not me. And like others said.....it's not Production legal. If you're worried about Production legal....get rid of it!

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I prefer an adjustable rear sight and milling the slide is not an issue for me. I believe it is will still be USPSA legal.

CZC has a short reset option but it needs to have the FPB removed.

I was hoping to get a better pull weight and reset with the FPB installed but unsure if that is possible.

My problem is have some awesome trigger jobs on my SV guns. I would like to get as close as possible to that type of feel in the CZ.

The CZ profile is closer to my SV grips than my old XD so I am looking forward to shooting it, probably just in Production.

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