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New from Michigan


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Hi Folks,

New guy from Michigan.

Most of my trigger time is spent at Bullseye Pistol.

I'd like to expand my pistol shooting to USPSA.

I'm quite fond of the 1911 pistol, and would like to start USPSA with my 9mm 1911.

I hope to get some advice and guidance from this forum.


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Good choice, I think they will start this month on the 16th. Dress warm, the sun doesn't get up over the trees until noon. Another good match is the one east of you in Portland off I96 on the 2nd Sunday starting in April.

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Get him started with warmups at South Kent and Oak Hill.......then bring him to my match the end of April. We have Kool-aid and I hear we may even have Brownies this summer for folks to try..........

Come to the Raccoon Hunters Club where we pride ourselves on helping all competitors finding thier inner hoser....eh.

April 28th is the first outdoor match. 9 stages, 200+ rounds.....$25 for non members.

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