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I am going to do a POV, just have to find the POV camera and do it.

<<watch your head on the stairs. >>

I have hit my shoulder once but thats about it.

Our basement is pretty big and has lots of rooms so it is a good place to practice.

I am learning a lot by shooting so much. It is pretty simple to get 150 rounds down range most every day. By doing the same course over and over, I am trying to find new ways to trim time. When I started I was in the 16 second range on average, now the average is closer to 14 seconds.

I have always heard that you need to get low when you move and this AM I had one of those "oh thats what they are talking about" moments taking a couple of those targets on the move. Lower is better for sure.

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A variety of BAM Airsoft knock down steel with a CED 8000 and a CED stop plate. I tried the CED Airsoft timer but it was missing the last shot way to often. Especially when I had a good run going.

This AM I was shooting and finally found a way to hit my knee on the wall going into the first room. Caught the post with my shoulder and it was all downhill from there.

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