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Powder funnel help

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I have got a 550B reloading .45 mixed brass. Lately I have noticed there is some sticking on the up stroke of the handle. I have narrowed it down to the powder funnel sticking on the way out/releasing from the casing. After looking I have noticed a lot of scratches on the powder funnel and after dropping powder there are noticeable scratches on the inside of the cases. See pics. Don't think it really matters but just want to make sure. Its kind of annoying. If you look on the right side of the pic of the funnel you can see one of the scratches, you can feel them too. Doesn't seem like any particular brand of brass is doing it either. All cases are lubed with One-Shot and run on Dillon Carbide dies.

Thoughts would be great.




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The sticking is normal. I just power through on the upstroke to minimize it. Of all the polishing and sanding to try to eliminate it nothing worked for me.

What does work is to use a funnel from a 1050 since it does not expand the neck at all. Only problem was the bullets would occasionally be off center once loaded. They worked fine but didn't seem right so I abandoned it as well..

Like you said, just press on.cheers.gif

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