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dutch gun law change to ban ipsc.


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copied from a fellow shooter.

Well Ladies and Gentalmen,

The Axe is falling in Holland the parts of the goverment are trying to get all Dynamic Disaplines banned here in Holland......bellow is the translated letter what was placed on the Dutch forum today. if there are people that can help it is needed now.



To all NPSA members,

The entire board of the NPSA has just had a meeting with a delegation from the KNSA directors, namely Mr Greve, Duisterhof and IJzerman. Actually it was more a statement on behalf of Minister Opstelten.

The Minister will tomorrow or the day send a message to the House in which he indicates that he intends the dynamic disciplines such as practiced by NPSA and APS ban.

This despite the position of the KNSA that they have no objection dynamic disciplines, if properly regulated as to the NPSA.

The motive of Minister Opstelten is that he believes that shooting sports - and the associated weapons, which are taught to shoot from a combat-like background on moving targets would not be allowed and that there would be no public support for.

Plays of Charles Greve to say not so much the affair in Alphen a major role but would the events in Norway largely the specter forms.

The ban on dynamic disciplines to shoot would respond by May 1, 2012. This under a transitional arrangement that the trail shoot for the current trail shooters may be practiced until 31 December and 31 December 2012 more.

What is starting to happen? The circular will be 1 May appear in new form. This is accompanied by a change in the law. The expectation is that this law for the chamber recess will be treated in the House. Then the still by the Upper House. It is important to plan routes and meeting agendas of the Assembly into view to timely policy (or at least as large a portion thereof) to be satisfied that this measure is absolutely absurd and no sane person to justify.

Who believes in that field experience / inputs / contacts and his / her can contribute is urged to contact with the board.

This is a short and professional representation of the state of affairs. It will be apparent to all that we particularly like directors disappointed and angry. Now, anger is a bad counselor and we love the most business. In the coming period we will in any case need to devise a plan of action that the highest priority. All other cases that have no immediate urgency so as to be put on ice.

Behalf of the entire NPSA Board

Eduard Rodigas, Chairman

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That's a little hard to follow, but it doesn't sound good. I'm not familiar with your system of representation/gov't, but I would recommend all shooters there contact pro-gun politicians and vote with your checkbook even if its only a little. Politicians ideally listen to their constituents and if enough speak up they adjust their position.

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Please review what you are..ahhh...allowed to hate. :)

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