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which jp comp?


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JP has a large profile comp and a standard size along with the tank brake. Both the large profile JP/Cooley and tank brake exceed the size limitation of 3 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter that most matches use as there maximum for tac-iron/limited, tac-scope and the heavy metal divisions.


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Most poeple start out 3gun in tactical division. In which case you will be limited to the tactical model comp which is the smaller one. It's alright though. For 223 they work fine. On mine I experienced right side lateral jump. I just followed the instructions on the JP website for tuning, and drilled the right side tuning hole. Now mine sits just as flat and straight as my Titan comp. The Thunder requires tuning holes as well. The JP will work great for you, as will the Titan, Thunder, Surefire or Miculek.

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