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Benelli M2 field repair kit


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Maybe a stupid question but I searched for a Benelli field repair kit and the results came back with nothing. Repairs kits for other makes and models but no Benelli. I would hate to have traveled to a match to have my gun not repairable.

No such thing?

Not available?

Benelli's don't break?

What spare parts would you carry? Mag spring, shell catch,?

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I've been wondering about the same thing lately. I'd also like another M2 to bring as a spare, but in the mean time, what kind of parts do you guys bring to matches?

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I had a extractor break once during a match so I do carry a extra bolt assembly now. If you have a failure for the most part someone there will have a part you can use or will let you borrow a gun. That's the great thing about shooters the are always willing to help.

As far as gun parts go try http://www.gunpartscorp.com/

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FWIW, all the people who had to fall out of trooper for shotgun failures were using Remington 1100s/1187s to the best of my knowledge.

Its probably easier to just carry a spare gun. There will be opportunities where you could load both and use them both on the stage (one at a time). I'm taking 2 saigas this year, and they will probably both fail spectacularly.

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