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Finding things while cleaning reloading bench

Ray S

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I really like findin stuff I had forgot I bought. Desided my reloading desk was nasty enough and had to be cleaned and found the following.

A new box of Federal Small Pistol Primers

1000 125gr 38 lead bullets

600-700 110gr 38 lead bullets

And around 300 zero 115gr JHP 9mm. I haven't reloaded 9mm in 15 years, but I'm getting ready to.

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My clothes closet and shoe collection often reveals 'hidden' and 'lost' stuff. Kinda like Christmas at odd times of year. :D

This same closet is also where I stash boxes of bullet stock and misc ammo, so I recently found an extra stack of boxed 9mm ammo (woo-hoo!!) sitting behind the stack of 200SWC bullet stock.

Yes, so I know the feeling. ;)

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I'm with you on this one. One time I found a .38 snubbie I forgot I had!

Don't you love it when that happens.

Does your reloading desk double as a bullet factory at night while you sleep? :rolleyes:

If it does I hope it starts making 124gr JHP's in a quick fast and in a hurry.

I also found enough old stuff that I haven't used in years to buy my new 9mm dies and tool head. I hate to admit this but I also found a Lee 1000 9mm loader in a box under the desk. I'm throwing that thing in the scrap metal bucket, but keeping the dies. I figured I could break out my old turret press and use the decapping die on glock brass(I load on a square deal)

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