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  1. Yes the side with the slide lock.
  2. I got lucky for now found 1000 Federal large magnum primers and 1000 Winchester small pistol for $35 each bought store limit of one box each. Now to find bullets.
  3. Since your other two angle must add to 90 16*sin(45)=11.31 or 16*cos(45)=11.31
  4. I had been dealing with a manufacture over an out of spec spring for over a month. Had to break out tha calipers and measure it. I guess it not fitting in 4 different mainspring housings was enough. Well finally got tired of messing with them and called brownells this morning. Less than 2 minutes on the phone and I have a new one on the way. Thanks Brownells.
  5. I know the feeling I sold my square deal to buy a 550 but by the time it got here I was thinking of selling it for a 650. My wife talked me out of it. She said if I did I couldn't complain about not having a press while I was waiting.
  6. When I make a powder charge change I do the 10 then average to get the actual charge. I also do double check anytime I've stepped away. I just didn't have this issue with my Square Deal.
  7. I setup my new press and all seemed well, but when it sets unused for any amount of time the first charge is off. I was loading 4.3 grains but when it sat it would throw 4.7-4.8 grains. After you cycle it the first time it would be back to 4.3. This is not my first Dillon and I didn't have this problem with my last one. Any suggestions?
  8. I wouldn't suggest a craftsman. I got one a couple of years ago but it won't hold air when shut off. All I have to compair to this though is my larger harbor freight one. Between the two when I go back to the HF it still pretty much has the same psi as when I shut it off. The craftsman is empty and I have to fill it up again.
  9. At a gun show not long ago I saw 500 rounds of wolf selling for $375 and brass cased ammo going for $1 a round. It's crazy times.
  10. Mine didn't it just came with 2. I would say it was a mistake.
  11. I just got my 550 in yesterday, and got it set up.While I was waiting I ordered a couple of add ons. Heres my take on them. 1. The led light for the inside of press.This gives out more light than I originally thought once in place. With correct placement it shines right down in the case. 2. Spent primer cupI replaced it with one that is basically a funnel that a hose attaches to it that drains into a bottle. This is of the two much better, it allows me to not have to worry about the cup and does a great job of catching primers.
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