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VTAC Sling for AR-15


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I purchased the VTAC upgraded tactical 2 point padded sling for my Stag Arms 3 G AR-15. I love the quality and just about everything about the sling but do not know how to attach it to the Magpul ACS stock.I would appreciate it if someone would help me out by either suggesting how to do it or recommending another sling.

If anyone has an AR with an ACS stock and attached the VTAC it would be a great help if could you post a picture.

Again, any suggestions and ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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a google search of "vtac sling acs" gives mention of the QD connections that cam be purchased for that purpose. I'm afraid I have no direct experience to share. I have an ACS that I like very much on my M&P15 lower, but I don't run a sling, yet. Best of luck.

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Puma I had the same problem. I ordered the EVO QD sling attachment and stud from Sampson. For the rear stock. I just looped it under the buffer tube. It wasn't quite to the butt of the rifle but it didn't feel too bad. Here are a couple photos



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