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  1. I Think some people have been waiting over two years for that barrel. I have had no problems with over a years use with the kkm.
  2. You need to find out the year, some parts have been updated.for the extractor I use a tiny screwdriver with a hoppes soaked cloth and pic at extractor to clean it. It gets gummed up badly.
  3. You can load 25 at a time without feeder. Cost was a issue with me so I bought the case feeder 3 months later.
  4. Actually before you hang a person for not answering your very special email. Dan runs a doctors office and runs USPS matches at his club on top of shooting for smith and Wesson. He tinkers with guns on the side of all that. Find me another gunsmith that gives you a PDF. On how to do the exact trigger job yourself? Anybody?
  5. Yes and I hope everyone remembers what CTD is currently doing.
  6. Do you think you should edit first page with date maybe? Might be a good idea in case someone misses the changed date halfway down second page.
  7. I also like the extra 750 rounds you get from MG when you order the 124's
  8. Yes and 6 dollar box of PMC is currently 19.95!
  9. Yes and its very sad we won't be able to discuss these changing issues that highly effect us as shooters on this forum. Maybe a moratorium needs to be placed on some of the political stances this place has on posts. Just a thought.
  10. Exactly, I'm hearing people say that if they can't take them they will tax them so high that you won't be able to afford to own or shoot it. If it would stop another incident like new town from happening I would actually be all for it. But we all know that's not the magic bean that will stop these psycho cowards.
  11. Not sure if this is the section to put this question in but, if they reinstated the assault weapons ban and AR's were illegal what would happen to multi gun competitions? I was not shooting during the last ban so I was just curious what would happen, because I believe we may be heading down that road again. Hope this isn't to political of a question. I just want a actual answer not trying to start a debate on the topic.
  12. They are working on a polymer case for the military
  13. A friend of mine and myself got requests from someone on here that said they did not send them. This was at end of September
  14. Its in one thread already, the monster long 930 thread, just need to look
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