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310 10mm


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Didn't know there was one. Sounds like a winner, but the price almost knocked me over.

I have a 325PD and it's an interesting gun if you're looking for an extra light big bore carry revolver. Bought mine used and "cheap", relatively speaking, but man oh man they are spendy new.

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I have been wanting a 3 inch 610 pretty bad. If I was going to carry an n frame it would either be a 627 or 629 if in the woods. The 310 does not really do anything well, if you are going to have a 6 shooter you would be better off with a 41 mag or 44 mag. If you don't need something that powerful than the extra 2 shots are worth it.



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my 2 cents:

I carry a gun daily, for work and self preservation.

while often i opt for the 5 shot j frame pocket carry for those quick trips to the store I would find an N frame a little heavy for most concealed carry opportunities.


6 shots of 10mm will ruin a bad guys day

revolvers do not experience the frequency of malfunctions that semi-autos do

no safeties to defeat


6 shots of 10mm probably isn't as effective as 8 shots of .357 (as stated above) or 27 rounds of .40sw

quality holsters aren't as available

you need to carry a reload... moon clips aren't as easy to carry

most of the time I either open carry a glock 22 or IWB carry a glock 23, i always carry at least 1 spare magazine

reliability and ease of function revo wins every time.... no stove pipes, no limp wristing.. just point and click

but since I train with my carry gun those aren't an issue and Ill take the quantity over style every time.

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Er... They're pretty. I pocket carry my 329 NG at times - which gives me a warm, happy feeling... I don't know that the 610 makes that much sense, relative to a 329, unless you just really like the 10MM. My 329 NG is actually pleasant to shoot w. 44 specials, and is tolerable w. 44 mags. (I did run it through a match, once, w. an X-Frame grip on it, and 240 gr Remington 44 mags - by the end, my hands were struggling to work the gun, and the gun was in fairly rough shape - I had used 222MS loctite on all the screws, except the ones for the rear sight - the rear sight was almost off, but every other screw was no longer snug, but still in place...)

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