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Tactical solutions 2211 single stack mags


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I dont really want to pay $90 each directly from tacsol. Most places online are out of stock, backordered etc.. Midwest gunworks (shows them in stock) but i know nothing about them and read less than favorable reviews just by googling there name.

So... Anyone have a lead where one or two are in-stock somewhere.

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Im still looking for them in internet-land, i have a marvel conversion and am hoping the new mags will help with the feeding problems. I have four of the metal mags (ace style) and it has never liked them. I ususlly get at least one failure to feed on every mag. Ive adjusted the feed lips, went through every type of ammo imaginable, and it still is very picky. It probably has 4-5000 rounds total through it so i know its broken in. So.. Im hoping some quality mags will help. Usually the rounds either nose dive, or enter at too steep of an angle.

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