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Is a Winchester 1897 replica shotgun legal for 3 gun?

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I was talking around about getting into 3 gun at a local match and the guys kinda puckered up and got a little queasy when I mentioned I was going to shoot a pump shotgun that was capeable of slam-firing. Is it legal to use a stock configured 1897 Winchester 12 gauge shotgun? They will slam-fire if you do not let up on the trigger, but they were always that way?

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I would be interested to see what some of our major match directors say about this. I don't think the slam fire part is a big deal, I think the lack of a safety is more of a concern ( I would also be concerned about starting at half cock with a loaded chamber).

I shoot a Benelli Nova in heavy metal and have an old Winchester '97 and model 12 that I play with sometimes. Those old Winchesters will teach you not to ride the trigger, but they sure are fun to play with.


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If that is what you want to do I know of no rule to prevent it. I used to shoot a local pistol match with a guy who shot a single action revolver which ended up getting the crowd to the range extra early so they could fill up a couple of squads before he arrived....................

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My guess is that you think their is an advantage to "slam firing".

If the goal is to hit the targets then their is not.

If the goal is to empty the shotgun fast then perhaps.

If you own it go shoot it and have fun, but please don't be that "scary guy" winging shots downrange

while pinning the trigger just 'cause you can.

Believe me, the fastest guys playing the game pull the trigger for each shot.


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Ignorance is bliss. Go watch a CAS match and see how fast we can knock down poppers while slam firing a 100 year old gun, starting with it unloaded.

Charles Bond,

I do not see any advantage, especially against shotguns with higher magazine capacities. It is what I own for CAS. After mentioning it at a local uspsa pistol match, a couple guys thought it may be prohibited in 3 gun because of its ability to slam fire. Hence my concern.


Mine has no safety, but it won't go off half cocked, lol.

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