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  1. AustinT

    43x holster

    I’m about to purchase a PHLster spotlight for 43X & TLR6 - I have a g48 & tlr6 that PHLster says will fit. Bawidamann has a similar setup callled the Gotham, I believe.
  2. It will depend on what you actually want (do you want an M2, or do you like the idea of the M1 just fine?), but the M1 lacks nothing competitively when comparing to the M2. If you’d like to keep it, send it to Hayes or Triangle or Roth and have them cut it for a quad load port.
  3. Between those 3, I would definitely get the 28” M1. Local guys are having trouble with the Breda, and the VM has longevity issues. You’re gonna put a 12 rd tube on the 28” anyway, so it’s not going to really make a difference.
  4. I’ve been having trouble with a wandering zero for years. This time, when I rebarreled, I lapped the front face of the receiver with the brownells tool and loctited in with sleeve retaining compound. No more wandering zero. I also switched to a Criterion barrel. Now which of those was it that fixed it? No idea, but I’ll definitely be lapping and using sleeve compound from now on, and I haven’t found a reason to use anything but criterion.
  5. If it's local, and used, and works, and is cheap, I'd say go for it, with the knowledge that you may upgrade in the future.
  6. Any of the major shops are good to go. TTI, Hayes, Triangle, etc.
  7. To your squadmates, it's better to be a fast resetter than a fast shooter!
  8. Yes, that’s good advice. I’ve shot a lot of things with 2x and 4x on my 6x scope. 6x won’t usually show up until 300 yds, when I need the reticle to be correct.
  9. Nah, I just had more time to practice than most folks did. You'll get used to it on 6x, remember, it's no different from your wobble on 1x, now you can just see it! Pull the slack out of the trigger, wait for the dot to get close to the middle, finish up with a good, swift press that doesn't disturb the sights, and aim the bullet all the way to the target. Follow through is important for LR rifle and shotgun slugs both.
  10. Are you talking about the fish-eye movement/distortion at the edges of the scope on 1x, or the magnification of your movement on 6x at long range? The fish-eye movement is no big deal...your brain will learn to tune it out. On 6x, you will learn what an acceptable sight picture is, similarly to what you learned for acceptable sight pictures with a pistol. The dot is moving around exactly the same amount on 1x as your scope is at 6x, you just aren't aware of it because you can't see it. For me, being able to see targets way outweighs any other perceived negative!
  11. The LaRue mount is fine. What's the trouble with the magnified optic? It's the same as a red dot on 1x, and only makes long range targets easier.
  12. Good thread guys. I was looking at MBX and had sticker shock, TF looks like a better option!
  13. Word of wisdom on the hi-viz (or anything else with one screw, for that matter) - install it, take the fiber out, drill a hole in the back of it into your vent rib, and stick a roll pin in there. Otherwise you have a high likelihood of it being a sideways hi-viz in the middle of a stage one day!
  14. Drop is predictable....wind isn’t. Get whatever shoots best and bucks the wind well. My favorite is the 75 hornady....it might stabilize in 1:9 but the 68s and 69s will work well at distance also.
  15. Light laser combos are good. Apparently shooting a shotgun with a laser is the coolest thing ever. For PCC I’d just stick a tlr-1 or equivalent pistol light on if I didn’t have anything. I shot with a x300 on rifle once when it was 2 gun, and surefire handheld type weapon lights on both rifle and shotgun when it was 3 gun. You’ll be fine either way. Walking dead has typically been pretty easy for a night match as it caters to new shooters and the tactical crowd. You’ll want a headlamp and figure out how to illuminate your pistol sights and/or shotgun bead with it if you’re not shooting a dot/laser.
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