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The "FEEL" of seating primers on a 650


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I used CCI small pistol primers for the last 6000 rounds I loaded on my 650. Today, I loaded my first (in a long time) 500 rounds with Remington small pistol primers. About 90% of them felt like I didn't have any primers left! The first 20 rounds or so, I kept checking to make sure it was feeding primers :surprise:

Is it normal to "feel" the difference in brands of primers?

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yes, some are way softer than others. Federal primers seat like butter for me and Winchester is a little harder CCI is the hardest for me, I feel like it takes 1/2 again as much effort to seat a CCI -vs- a Federal

You can also feel it when you change head stamps!

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CCI and Remington seem to fit like butter. It is simple and really no pressure needed to seat the primer all the way. My press seems to hate the winchester...they work but more force for sure.

i load mostly 40 and 45.....

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CCI is commonly known to have a larger diameter than most others so they fit tighter. I discovered this 20 years ago when I was hand priming everything with a lee hand primer. I was using win primers and switched to CCI and killed my thumb becuase they were soo much harder to seat in the primer pocket.

I now use this "feature" as a benifit. I have a large batch of 10mm brass that i use for general lead shooting loads. The primer pockets finally started to get loose on them so I now use the CCI LP primers and they let me continue to get some more life out of them. I also did this with a batch of nickled .45 ACP that I shoot out of my .45 ACP carbine.

Neal in AZ

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