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Load advice please


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I have some .45 185gr LSWC and some 230gr LRN that I would like to load up for use in some of my 1911's. I have HP38 powder and Remington primers for this.

On the 230's I was thinking 4.7gr seated at 1.200"?

How does that sound? Any advise on the SWC?

Going for clean and accurate plinkers. Thanks!

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The COAL you listed (1.200") for the 230 grain bullet is significantly shorter than COAL I am familiar with for a 230 grain RN bullet in the .45 ACP. Typically, 1.240" to 1.270" is the COAL I am familiar with for this bullet weight in this caliber.

Also, your load sounds light. 5.6 grains of HP 38 has produced average MV's of around 800 FPS in a 5" 1911 in my past experience (with a COAL of 1.250"). Dropping the load 1/2 a grain to 5.1 should still produce a MV of around 750 FPS

Good luck in your search.

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Wow! I got the following information from the Hodgdon site:

COAL: 1.200", min charge: 4.3, max 5.3gr. Now that is for a cast bullet (LRN) which is what I am using. Thoughts? I loaded some up at 5.0gr 1.125" OAL but haven't shot them yet.

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Well the 5.0gr @ 1.125" proved reliable but a bit snappy for me. I am going to try some with 4.8gr which has done well with my 200gr LRNFP loads although I load those at 1.195" OAL.

To recap:

230gr Lead RN

4.8gr HP38

OAL 1.125"


Sound like a winner?

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The COAL in a book/on the web is the MINIMUM safe COAL for that published data.

Longer is not a problem. Your gun dictates the length, not a book.

I load my .45 at 1.245" or so, just short enough to clear the front of the mag.

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The best way way to check the overall length - for your gun - is to pull the barrel and drop a loaded round into the chamber. If it goes without dragging and ends up with the head of the case even with the end of the barrel hood, it's the proper length for your barrel/gun !!

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