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Shotgun decision


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I'm looking at buying a new auto-loader. I'd really like to hear from folks already using these shotguns on what they like about the shotgun and what they don't like. The Benelli M2 Tactical seems to be a great choice, but it doesn't come with a mag extension and only holds 6 shots. The FN SLP Mark 1 9 shot has a lot more features and looks like it's ready to go for about the same price. I read in one add that it has a rifled barrel. Is that a good or bad thing for the shot shell stages? The FM SLP Police Defense only holds 7 shots, but it too has a lot of features the M2 doesn't. Does the FN use a gas or recoil operation? I couldn't find any info on its auto system. Any other advice good or bad would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your input.

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Either buy a field model M2 (26" barrel max) or the Mark 1 SLP.....the longer one.

You can dress up either one with extensions, bolt handles, etc.

Lots of discussion on the about pistol grips too....so do a search.

I've used both, ended up putting a 22" bird barrel on the SLP and I currently give the nod to my 24" M2

The mark 1 can be had with either a rifled slug barrel or smooth bore rifled sight barrel....you'd want the latter.


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The SLP is a gas gun, compared to Benelli's "Inertia-Driven" design.

The SLP Mark I, with the commonly-available 22-inch barrel with the cantilever scope mount is a good attempt at doing everything with one gun. It ain't THE BEST at anything, but is pretty good at all of them.

The barrel on the Mark I is a standard .728" bore that uses the standard Invector choke system. Nice. Not perfect. The flip-up sights on the cantilever barrel are considered by some to be an advantage when shooting slugs.

The 24-inch vent rib barrel is, IMHO, the bomb! It has the same .742 bore and Invector Plus system as the Winchester SX3. It is significantly lighter, swings better, recoils less, patterns better, and has less visual clutter when looking down it, when compared to the Mark I barrel.

Compared to a Benelli, I think that the SLP is smoother-shooting, but the reloading, transitions, and "fit" are comparable to me.

I've done the following to my SLP:

A Browning Gold "Sporting Clays" gas piston (to make it run with super-light loads)

Modified Shell Lifter from C-rums.com

Nordic Components +1 mag extension (not for more capacity; just to make Shell #8 load easier, rather than trying to compress a nearly solid spring).

Carlson's Sporting Clays choke tubes (Improved Cylinder, Skeet, Light Modified, Modified)

Hi-Viz green fiber optic front sight.

None of these mods have made me a Grand Master 3-Gunner, but it runs smooth and reliably.

You might want to look at this thread for a comparison that I and a few of the other Instructors in my department did between the 11-87, the Benelli, and the Mark I. (I had not done any of the mods on the SLP yet; it was box-stock.)


Oh yeah, you DEFINITELY don't want a rifled barrel for either the Benelli or the SLP. They work great for slugs, but as soon as you have to shoot a shotshell, brace yourself. The shot pattern will be huge-and-holey.

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i liked my FN alot, but i really really like my M2!!! the FN recoils a little lighter, but the M2 is much lighter, makes wimps like me able to move it around a little better... either way you go you wont be disappointed... i would shoot either any day in any match, only reason i went to the M2 is cause no one is really marketing Open stuff for FN... i know you can mod alot of stuff to work, but its much easier for me to just slap something on out of the box... GL

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