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1/3 Scale Targets


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I bought some 1/3 scale cardboard target that included cardboard popper some years ago at the area 6 match in Georgia.

They were very well made and accurate down to the prefs on the targets. The poppers are white on one side and blue on the other.

Been searching around this forum and the web but not able to find a source to buy them. Can someone post a link or have a source for these?


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Those look good. I wonder what the scale is for the ones I bought at CED or target barn. I think they are a third and I use them in the house alot. I like the c&m sry dire kit, though.


The web site list is as 11 7/8" x 19 7/8" - a regular size target is approx 18" X 30" so the rough match is the target is only 1/3 smaller than normal - not 1/3

1/2 size would be 9"X15 and that target is larger than 1/2

Some of the three gun events use targets that are 1/2 size

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Charlie's dry fire kits are awesome they come with a ton of targets including some poper style targets at a good price. I bought 4 sets back in January and there is enough in one kit to set up a few different stages. His targets are 1/3 the size of a normal USPSA target and work great. I just need to use mine more!



There is a guy in ABQ that makes them. He has a new website.


505 410 2288

Charlie Myers.


BTW: these are great 3gun targets for rifle in 100 yard bays.

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