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  1. I have had good luck with Blue Bullet 125gr RN and WST. dcalvert
  2. Got is out to the range finally. Shot another 200 rounds, I have 2 failures to reset this time. I feel that it is about time to give up on the Elftman AR9 trigger as it is just too finicky and even if I get it working I wonder for how long. Thinking I will try the JP original as I am out of solutions for this one. Thanks to all that replied! dcalvert
  3. No SS wave washers as it is not short stroked.
  4. Did this at 6:00am this morning. Just got back from the range. 200 hundred rounds of perfection! I need to push another 800 before I will trust this tigger, but it has never been able to run more than 50 with out resting problems. Do you think that a small difference in the screw length binds the housing that holds the triggerGroup? Time will tell. Dcalvert
  5. Prefect, I will try this as I am out of ideas on this one. Thank yououter limits!
  6. Thank you10cup. I have searched this and have seen your post. Just hope that someone here can can explain why or if it is there is a tune to fix. Pretty price trigger to not be 100% reliable. Would not want to sell it with my name on it. dcalvert
  7. I have the Elftman AR9 tigger installed in QC10 glock lower using a Taccom bolt and there 3 stage recoil system. Having having problems with the trigger resetting. Contacted Elftmann and reinstalled the trigger per their recommendation. Was still having reset issues so, off to Elftmann which they were happy to repair it and quickly sent it back to me. Back to the range and it is better but still having reset issues. Not sure where to go from here, but this is keeping me from shooting any matches with my PCC. Does anyone have this set up like this that is working? What can I do to troubleshoot or am I going to have to replace this? dcalvert
  8. As a long time limited shooter I have had years of use with STI old style mags, fit with Grams springs and followers and base pads. Cant tell you how many time they have been dropped, and stepped on. This will give you 20 round mags that are dog tuff. I have never had one fail after years and years of shooting at Rio. dcalvert
  9. Update 3.3 gr WST 1.120 oal 125 gr Blue Bullet= 138PF
  10. 3.8 grains WST with 125 gr Blue Bullet @ 1.120 is my Load for 5" steel gun shoot 125 PF. In he PCC with KAW 16" it is 175 PF. I am going to load it down to 3.3 gr. And chrono again dcalvert
  11. Good point L9X25, my 5" STI with SVI barrel is 1001 FPS with 3.8gr WST 125 Blue B. 125 PF. Primers are a litte flat. Maybe all just chronometer few of these to get a baseline. Thinking primers mar get flatter. Definitely don't want one in the barrel ! dcalvert .
  12. Just finished up my 1st PCC build with 9mm KAW valley 16" barrel, I have a 8lb jug of WST and a bunch of 125 grain Blue Bullets.Does anyone have experience with this combination? I have 9mm load with WST (minor) that I have used that is good in my STI 5", thinking about down loading it and starting at 3.3gr @ 1.120. Also have N320, CFE pistol & AutoComp. dcalvert Dcalvert
  13. 17 lb main spring and 14 lb recoil for my 200gr SWC shooting Major. I like ISMI chrome silicon. Dcalvert
  14. At one time I had 2 650's on my bench. I added a 1050, now I have 3 1050's. One has a Ponsess Warren drive, you may find that you don't need the auto drive.They are outstanding machines that you could never wear out. I would buy the 1050 and consider if you really need the drive. dcalvert
  15. Green 620 on my shorty's that are quite violent seems to work the best. You will need some heat to remove them. dcalvert
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