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Question on Barney loading


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Hello i had a question on barney loading you mag. i shoot a g34 and i usually

choose not to barney my mags. well i got a procedural today for it. i always

thought barney loading was optional. i looked thru the rule book but couldnt

find it in there. now i have only been doing this sport for 2 months, so i could

be wrong.

the reason i was told i got the procedural is because i wasnt at division

capacity for the stage. i argued that my gun was at division capacity that all

my mags had 10 rounds in them. but it was to no avail. now only loading 10

rounds in my mag didnt help or hurt me as far as the cof was concerned. there

was 6 targets on the cof and all needed 2 shots. so rather i had 10 or 11 rounds

in the gun it still needed a reload.

i was just wondering if someone can point me in the direction of the rule on

this. because untill today i always thought barneying your mag/gun was optional.

once again i am kinda of new so thanks in advance. im just trying to learn more

about the sport that i have come to love.

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I am not sure exactly what you did, it is not that clear.

At the buzzer all mags must have 10 rounds and one in the chamber unless the mechanical capacity is less than 10 rounds then all magfa must be loaded to that amount. However you achieve that is up to you, some load a mag with 11 some use a barney mag, and some take a 10 rounder , load then take that mag out and top it off.

If you started the stage with only 9 in the mag and 1 in the chamber then that is a procedural.

****All the above applies to SSP/ESP

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What Brian said. Gotta be at 10+1 at the buzzer, not 9+1.


Rulebook page 10 (competition rules):

C 15. Pistols must start from the mechanical condition of

readiness appropriate to their design and be loaded to division

capacity (See Appendix One Equipment, Firearms for

division capacity explanation). High capacity magazines must

be loaded to full division capacity of the division the contestant

is shooting in.

Page 19 (SSP rules):

G. Be loaded to the division capacity of ten (10) rounds in the

magazine plus one (1) round in the chamber. Should division

capacity not be achievable because of lower magazine

capacity, load to maximum mechanical capacity of magazine

plus one (1) round in the chamber.

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This happens alot on limited or standard stages. It is still a procedural if you DON'T load to division capacity.

Always load to capacity and you will never have that problem. Period.

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