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ar15 pouches


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I'm running Fastmags now.... They are alright.

I just got back from a Larry Vickers class and ran into a guy who gave us all some prototype AR pouches. Greg Peters of Peters Holsters was his name...... I think I'm going to start running these when he gets them out. They sit lower on the belt and he worked mine over to have just the right bit of tension near the bottom of the pouch. They are kinda belled a touch at the top and were a whole lot easier than my Fastmag to get mags into to begin with too.

I don't hate the Fastmags by any measure, but the Peters stuff was just a little more better I think.

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anyone used these before.. any opinions??

Yes. Excellent stuff. Blade-Tech is nothing like Kytac. Blade-Tech is the Chevy of the holster manufactures. I use it all the time. Kytac struff is thinner, more refined, and feels better to me. You will wait. It will be worth it. Buy some Blade-Tech and order a Kytac.

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I run the safariland 774s and fastmags on my chest rig. If I am shooting with my gear all mounted on my belt then the safariland all day. The fastmags are great on the vest or chest rigs. The safariland mounts nice and holds your magazines where you need them.

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Comp-tac. Their mag pouches are bulletproof and their customer service is awesome. Just make sure you tell them which side you carry your mags on and which way you want the mag to face.

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