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  1. I honestly had never heard of them until I saw a review on Rainier Arms YouTube channel.
  2. Update, they told me the safety selector issue has been taken care of and there team will be making sure it doesn’t happen again. also the rifle weighs 5.54 lbs. pretty light.
  3. I purchased a Brace Built rifle for the lightweight rifle with some nice features for the price.Rifle came with a case and t-shirt along with sticker so right off the bat they have you sold (sarcasm for those who can’t tell)So to start here are the rifle specs.Specifications: Mag Well: Wire EDM flared magazine well with accents. Gas System: Low profile gas block, mid-length melonited gas tube, gas key with rounded leading edges ensuring positive functioning in all makes and grades of uppers and buffer tube combinations. Bolt Carrier Group: Azimuth™ Bolt Carrier Group and bolt. Rounded cam pin rides in a fully chamfered cam path. Properly staked and torqued grade 8 hex screws as per the true Mil-Spec. Carrier body OD and ID are hard turned after heat-treat to +/- .0005 inches. Bolt lugs are machined with the proper radius as per true Mil-Spec tolerances. Independent HP white proof testing exceeded over 90,000 PSI without failure. Outer diameter machined to all critical surfaces within +/- .0005 inches. QPQ Melonite Finish. Charging Handle: Radian™ Ambidextrous Raptor – LT Safety: Ambidextrous safety Bolt Catch: Seekins™ Enhanced Mag Release: Seekins Billet Buffer tube: Mil-Spec Buffer Tube Buffer: H2 Buffer Stock: MagPul™ MOE® SL-K™Carbine Stock Grip: MagPul MOE® Grip Receivers: Lightweight, custom-matched billet upper and lower receivers, monolithic top rail Caliber: 5.56mm Trigger: Timney™ Competition Trigger Barrel: 16” 5.56mm barrel (machined from 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel and feature a QPQ Corrosion Resistant Finish and Nickel Boron Coated M4 Feed Ramp Extension. Handguard: 13” low profile Modern Carbine™ monolithic free float M-LOK® handguard with proprietary barrel nut Muzzle Device: SilencerCo™ ASR flash hider First thoughts when opening the rifle up,It is really Lightweight, nice solid rifle. The paint was perfect which they let you pick from some choices. Tight between the upper and lower.So I got a red dot sight mounted on the rifle and took it to the range. After only sixty rounds the safety selector came loose and start spinning in circles with every shot. Good thing it was a jp ambidextrous and worked with my index finger.shot five groups right over 1” at fifty yards. Shot two hundred rounds through it without any farther issues. Two weeks later after adding some loctite to the safety selector took it back out to the range with a scope and bench.I was able to continually shoot five round 1MOA groups at 100 yards with Hornady 72 grain ELD ammo. Took the scope off and shot another three hundred rounds of various ammo types without a single issue. The gun is light, great features for the price of $1200. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a lightweight accurate rifle.All in all well made and designed AR-15. I do think however not putting loctite on the selector is a big mistake and hopefully one they learn from and change the practice. Spoke to them and they said they will be addressing the problem of the selector.
  4. Go with the vortex! There is a reason everyone keeps mentioning it.
  5. I agree with those who said every single shot should be aimed. Taking any shot hoping it will be "close enough" is not enough control for me. I have no issues shooting fast but keeping the sights on the target. Try shooting hand sized targets with a quick "hope it hits" and you will miss every other shot you didn't aim for.
  6. Thanks for all the comments! My sig is my everyday carry gun and I have spent much time on the M&P line of guns, mine was built for Limited in USPSA and beyond changing back for IDPA. I have glocks but don't care much for them also (Don't fit my hands right) I have done the super competition stuff and I am going to give IDPA a try for more of a added training with my everyday gun. In the future I can always switch if I decide to. Thanks for all great input.
  7. I think they are with the Illuminati. Trying to see how good we are. Seriously usually they are lurkers just wondering if they should give the sport a try. Illuminati, men in black suits or something There is always the ones watching to see about the sport but they are the ones asking questions and wanting to understand what the shooting language going on is. These ones I am talking about hang out and keep to themselves.
  8. I am trying to find a holster for the my new sig tacops. I was told that the safariland holsters will not work with the new ones because of the rail or something of this nature. If anyone has some advice that would be great.
  9. We have had a few cases where some stuff has gone missing. It is an easy fix get rid of the "cold range" just kidding. Most new cars have childrens seat brackets you can run a cable with a lock on it. If you are staying in a hotel and worried run it up through your guns and lock it all together. There is always other points in a vehicle to secure this way. Place some jackets or something over them to hide it of course. With my two rifle drag bag I can lock it all up and keep them in the bag then cover with a blanket. Just some ideas. I have seen the tennis club case idea work for a broken down AR. It is cheaper to make sure all your stuff is locked up then to worry about it being stolen. I have always left my gear out and never worried about people stealing it, figure most shooters are honest hard working people but in the recent months we have seen some new faces and people "Hanging out" who are not shooting at all just watching, they are the ones I would be watching for. Sorry to hear about more people losing items.
  10. Ok so I am trying to decide about going with a SIG TAC OPS in .40 or a HK USP .40 and just loading down. I was wondering if anyone is using these guns and what their ideas are. Any input would be great. Thanks
  11. Ok so I have been shooting USPSA for years and now want to give IDPA a go. I would like to keep in the .40 platform. I was thinking going with a glock 35 but not set 100% yet. Any input would be great! Thanks ahead of time. What mag holders, holsters and such are working well in this field.
  12. A good brake is going to be loud regardless. If it works it will make some noise. I have used the brake you asked about and it was ok but I think the surefire line is better. I would take a look at the RWS brakes on Snipershide in the sales section. His brakes work super well and cost under $50 shipped. Just let him know what size you need and he will turn it down to fit your barrel perfect. If you need any more info send me a pm.
  13. Actually if you want you don't have to get the QD version on the mounts you can get the VZ verson for less. Also I remove my optics to clean my rifles, and to put different optics on my rifle for different applicaitons etc. The only guns I have with fixed mounts are bolt guns and my C More on my open pistol. Pat What is the purpose of removing something from the outside of the rifle to clean the inside? It just doesn't make sense to me. But then again I don't have all that funky stuff on my rifle. A hole in the back and a post in the front is good enough for me. Sent from my PG06100 using Tapatalk 2 I think he was just trying to be nice to me, why else would he make such a comment. Seriously needing QD to clean a rifle now, how do the real shooters do it on their precision rifles without QD mounts, so many scopes gone to crap from solvent I lost count at -1. I think he should clean the lapoopo off his rifle if he was worried about grime.
  14. Bobro sucks for actually mounting the scope. Getting to the screws is tedious and inefficient. OK, I would agree that actually mounting the scope on Bobro sucks due to the orientation of the mounting screws. However, once the scope is in the scope rings, the Bobro QD mechanism is just plain "FREAKING AWESOME". How often will you actually remove the scope from the rings??? For me, it's never or when the scope breaks/gets upgraded. I've got the Bobro QD mount for an SWFA 1-4X and the ADM QD mount for an Aimpoint Micro. As far as I can tell all the ADM QD mechanisms are the same. Never tried the Larue. If I move the ADM QD mount to different rifles, I usually have to adjust the tightness lever for the different rifles. If I make that adjustment a little tight, it is a PITA to remove the ADM. Also, my ADM mount doesn't seem to always hold zero, I may have to adjust the Aimpoint Micro a couple of clicks. Or I suppose the Aimpoint Micro adjustment knobs could be the problem. I regularly switch the Bobro/SWFA between my Benny Hill competition upper and JPNC22 upper. The Bobro QD lever is the easiest I've ever tried and it always holds zero. Don't have to adjust anything on the Bobro QD mount between rifles. More expensive, but definitely Bobro over ADM. I agree. And to those who think that I am the only one who does not like Larue pull your heads out of the sand and do some research. Alaskapopo is a larue fanboy who is all over larue because he helped send stuff for his shoot in the northern state. Bias as bias gets. Proves he can be purchased and have no idea of what a good mount works. Fanboys are just that nothing more. I know lots of guys coming back from the sandbox and they had nothing but issues with the Larue mounts. It is a serious problem and with fanboys bragging their crap up because they were sold crap does not help things. GDI, BOBRO, ADM in that order.
  15. Does that really become an issue when 90% of us literally throwing our rifles into dump buckets? I own both, like them both. But LaRue donates a lot to this sport (easily $15k+ just in brisket at SMM3G was consumed) to me that's worth to spend a little more money on the laRue, u won't be disappointed To be fair I like my Warne RAMP mount too, I just wish it was a little more forward. Yes it does because common sense will kick in at some point when it has dug the metal away causing it to need adjusting due to the mount moving from removing material on your rifle. It really is simple to understand.
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