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  1. https://silencerco.com/shop/asr-muzzle-brake/ great break. No top ports.
  2. If you can find them these are a great choice.
  3. I always mounted mine on the side. I prefer a pressure switch on top rail that easily allows me to turn on and off with my thumb over the top. Remember the lights nice for identifying a possible target at night but it also gives away your position so make sure it is followed with proper training.
  4. I honestly had never heard of them until I saw a review on Rainier Arms YouTube channel.
  5. Update, they told me the safety selector issue has been taken care of and there team will be making sure it doesn’t happen again. also the rifle weighs 5.54 lbs. pretty light.
  6. I purchased a Brace Built rifle for the lightweight rifle with some nice features for the price.Rifle came with a case and t-shirt along with sticker so right off the bat they have you sold (sarcasm for those who can’t tell)So to start here are the rifle specs.Specifications: Mag Well: Wire EDM flared magazine well with accents. Gas System: Low profile gas block, mid-length melonited gas tube, gas key with rounded leading edges ensuring positive functioning in all makes and grades of uppers and buffer tube combinations. Bolt Carrier Group: Azimuth™ Bolt Carrier Group and b
  7. Go with the vortex! There is a reason everyone keeps mentioning it.
  8. $55 shipped do it?

  9. You shouldn't shoot lead because the barrel throat builds up and will end up blowing your barrel. I have seen a guy shoot lead and it cracked his chamber.
  10. Michael Collins (An Irish Story) I just watched this the other night on cable and after the movie was over wondered why I had not seen it sooner. It is a great movie in which they show the IRA in a positive light and Irelands fight for freedom of a free state. I takes place back in the early 1900s and follows close to historical facts. I was happy to see a film that was not showing the IRA as being a bunch of monsters; they were no different than the USA fighting for freedom from England. The cast is some of my favorites like Liam Neeson, Alan Rickman, Aiden Quinn. If you like these types of
  11. Longest pistol shot for me was 200 yards on a 12x12 plate hit five out of the eight shots. But again this is why I have a rifle.
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