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Gunsmith for FN SLP MKI Mods


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Hi Group,

I've used the search engine but could find exactly what I was looking for. I'm wondering which Gunsmiths you would recommend for mods to the FN MKI SLP. Does anyone specialize in the FN? I'm figuring opening the loading port, shell lift mod, etc. I'm open to suggestions also. Thanks in advance.

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Briley, they did my Winchester SX3, ask for the signature package and tell them I sent you. Speake with claudio or Mike, and they will take care of you.

3gun Signature Series Package include:

-Cut barrel

-Re install factory sight, or install their fiber optic sight

-Thread barrel for chokes

-Give you 3 chokes of your choosing

-Long forcing cone

-Backboring (If neccessary)

-weld lifter gate

-Drastically Open magwell

-Install magazine extension, with lightend follower and barrel clamp

-Trigger and action job

-Install the new lightweight 2peice charging handle, in the color of your chosing

-New bolt release, in the color of your choosing

-Ligthen bolt if neccessary(only really for the Benelli's)not for gas guns.

-New adjustable rear sight, attached to vent rib or milled into the gun.

Plus 30years of experience playing with shotguns. These people are not weekend warriors, this is what they do everyday!

The signature series package is right at $1k, but that is alot of work and products for that money. Heck I have had pistol smiths charge me $600 to some minor work to my gun. So in my oppinion what Briley does is very reasonable. Add the price of all the products that you get and subtract that from the total and you will find that they are doing the work for not much money.

here is a breakdown of the products they give you (Estimate).

3 chokes at $50= $150

Magazine Extension, ligtweight follower, barrel clamp $95

Charging Handle $35

Bolt release $45

Sights? lets say $75(probably more)


Total $400 in product and rougly $600 for all the gunsmithing work.

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Bryan, Thanks! That particular SLP was worked on by six different "guys in Georgia" and it is very smooth. It also has a C-Rums lifter (with one modification that is available straight from C-Rums now). It also has a part out of a Browning Gold Sporting Clays gun and a recoil spring from a 3 1/2 Browning. I had quite a bit of help on that particular project and have it on good rumor that FNH-USA will have their SLP Competition available later in the year...and it may have a number of features similar to mine (only more refined). The new SLP will, I'm sure, be a whole lot prettier than my gun (absence of GA redneck gun plumbing by yours truly). For instance when I wanted a shorter length of pull I simply took a hand powered miter saw to the recoil pad and chopped all the soft part off of it. It works for me but a certain lady shooter took it to Iron Man last year and I think she may still be mad at me. She said the short recoil pad felt great until she pulled the trigger! Anyway, I sent a detailed PM to Denn1911 with my recipe but it was a special project and a lot of the stuff I did is really not required. I would just start wondering what if I did this or that and this package was the result- probably the most stuff ever tried on any one SLP. I did learn a lot though.

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