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Big Randy Nielsen

Tyro Shooter

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Big Randy Nielsen 3 Gun Shooter

A true friend to Heroes, Outlaws and the rest of us


Our friend Big Randy passed away this morning.

Big Randy was a man who brought Dozens and Dozens of new shooters into the sport.

In over the 15 years I knew him he always had someone he was meeting at the match to show them the ropes in IDPA , USPSA or more specifically his passion . . . 3 Gun.

He shot a few big matches every year and 3-4 local club matches a month, he was never one of the “Fancy Shirt Squad” . . . and the only sponsorship he’s ever wanted was his buddy Dave Lawver from DMW,

But when he was on the range . . . . Everyone knew he was there, To shoot and have a good time with his friends.

His sense of humor was. . . . . Legendary . . . and if at all possible bigger than he was.

From answering cell phone calls with “So . . . .What are you wearing?” to the endless stories of his exploits of the early days of riding Supercross and the endless jokes and emails (you shouldn’t open at work . . . or in front of sensitive children.) to his “helpful” comments while you were shooting you course of fire. . . “What were you thinking? “Dude you were doing great. . Right up to the point you killed that no shoot!!!” he also had nicknames for all the shooters he regularly squaded with, some of us did well and others were stigmatized. . . but they were all hilarious.

They say you call a true friend “Someone you could go down The River with”

. . But as there are not too many worthy rivers between Southern California and Northern Nevada,

They say “It is the Journey . . . And not the destination”. . . Not so my friend

Big Randy made up for that with his “Road Trips”. . . . The only words you could use to describe them were . . . EPIC”

No matter if you were going to the corner, or his Favorite 3 gun match, Ruby Mountain in Elko Nevada . . . EPIC!

I will shoot 3Gun this year, I’ll answer the questions asked by new shooters and I’ll do road trips to the big matches this year . . . but it won’t be the same.

What I will miss the most is meeting for breakfast and going shooting, or just for a drive.

Rest in peace my friend.

He is survived by his Mother, Wife and two sisters. . . and Barkly the Dog.

“The Pride of Winnemucca”

Randal George Nielsen


"Don't use "The Force" use your front sight"

Tim "3Gun Kelly"

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I saw your post about him being in the hospital. Very sorry to hear of his passing.

I've shot 3 gun a couple of time at Piru and knew who he was but never had the pleasure of being squadded with him.

May he rest in peace.

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I squaded with Randy many times at Piru and during the many years of the Ca. 3-Gun Series.He will be sorely missed. Not only for his sense of humor and friendship but being a true shooting buddy. I can see him now at the Pearly Gates telling St. Peter;"thats not the way to question people, do it this way,it's faster."

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We held a moment of silence for Randy this morning, before the shooters' meeting at the Southern California Multi Gun Match, in Pala.

I prayed for Randy and his family. I also prayed for myself: that I might be more patient, like Randy; that I might be more positive, like Randy; that I might go out of my way to help new shooters, like Randy.

He was a great guy, I will miss him.

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