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Being done loading for a while


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So when I'm away at school, I'm away from my reloading equipment. Being able to shoot is obviously priority #1, followed closely by introducing new shooters.

So I've been busy over break, you could say:


From L-R:

147 grain 9mm, for Production

135 grain 9mm, for Single Stack/Steel

180 grain .40, for Limited

230 grain .45, for Single Stack

and 55 grain .223 for multi-gun

If my math is right, I've loaded 7,300 rounds on my 550 in the last two weeks or so. And I don't have carpal tunnel yet. :D

And if I wasn't out of 9mm and .45 brass, I'd have loaded more!

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I'm in the middle of my mass reloading too, but being that I've loaded all the once-fired 38 super brass (500 rounds), and I've loaded all the new 38 super brass (1500 rounds), and I can't afford anymore NEW 38 super brass I think I'm done for awhile! B)

I suppose I could go back to loading the 3,000 40 brass I've got cleaned, to supplement the 2,000 rounds I already have loaded. But I don't plan on shooting LTD this year until the LTD Nats, so what will I do with all of it?

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Good job. I've been putting my new 650 to the test and am just a thousand or so rounds from having enough .45 to shoot SS til at least June. Next nasty weather we have, I'll spend a weekend or so loading enough .40 for the rest of the year.

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That's a crazy amount of reloading! I think the most I've ever done at one sitting was 400 rounds or so. I have no patience for that much reloading at once! That being said I've managed to keep about 6K 9mm, 3k 38sp and a couple K each of 40 and 45.... just in case. ;)

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