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Should I grind the sight off


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I'm building an airsoft practice gun. Unfortunately, It's not an excact copy of my Gold Team. I'm using cheap parts that I've scavenged from here and there.

Here are my two dilemas:

1. The rear sight (part of he slide, not dove-tailed) is forcing me to mount the scope a little high (maybe 1/8"). Plus, I'll have to remove the scope mount to get the slide off. Should I grind down the rear sight, and repaint it? I hate to mess up the nice slide, but it would work well without the rear sight.

2. The trigger guard is SLIGHTLY wider than my Tanfoglio. It it was a little thinner, I could use my competition holster for practice. Should I file it down a smidge (maybe 1/2mm on each side)? I could repaint it too.



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Do you have a machinist buddy that could do the work for you? If I were going to mess with the slide, I would machine a dovetail into it. That way if you ever wanted to put sights back on you could. Narrowing up the trigger guard in a mill would be simple.

Who makes that gun? I've looked for a CZ airsoft replica but haven't been able to find one.

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You might want to take a real close look at the AS slide. If the RS is a fixed part of the slide, I'd guess the whole thing was cast. Highly unlikely to be machined from bar stock Al or whatever the slide is made of (just not cost effective). If cast, it may not be solid and the metal might be kinda thin. Even if solid, I dunno if the metal will hold up to the milliing, and if the cut will actually hold the sight well. If you know a machinist, he'd probably be able to tell you.

eta: I'd guess grinding down the sight would be low risk, though. Ditto the trigger guard.

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I did it. Turned out very good. I removed about 70% of the sight, so it is just now a small hump instead of a large notched blade. I masked it off with tape, and sprayed it with multiple coats of flat black high temp engine spray paint (what I had handy).

I also mounted the scope (el-cheapo), and sighted it in at 10 yards. I haven't shot it for groups yet, but I'm optomistic.

Next steps:

1. thin the width of the trigger guard a little, so it matches my Gold Team. This is necessary to get the airsoft gun working in my competiton holster. I haven't decided yet if I should use a dremel, file, or stone. I'm leaning toward the stone, since I can probably keep it square and uniform more easily.

2. Make a compensator. This is also necessary to get it working with my comp holster. I've got some 1" and 3/4" round black delrin rods. I've got the taps and dies to cut 1/2" threads on the end of the barrel and inside the compensator. I haven't decided if I'm going to use the drill press at home, or try to use the lathe at work.

Here's the latest picture:

post-985-044460700 1295548280_thumb.jpg

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I only had time to drill and tap the two of them. I'll probably go back and do the others soon, just so it looks correct.

The metal is really soft, but two seems pretty stout. There's not much recoil.

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I just got this gun to practice with,the schematic in the back of the manual shows the front sight is staked and the rear sight is pressed in.

Unless the drawings are incorrect it looks like you could remove both sights,that being said since you are using a dot grinding of the rear sight is what I would have done also.

I am impressed with this gun,it feels just like my CZ75 SA,I also took off the grips and put on my thin aluminum grips from my CZ and they fit and feel perfect.Also this fits perfect in my CR Speed competition holster.

I had my buddy who is my gunsmith look at cutting dovetails for replacing sights with fiber optic,we are afraid there might not be enough

material there.I don't shoot open so I will have to get used to these iron sights.

So far I am happy with this copy of my real CZ 75,trigger is light in single action and very fast.This is going to primarily be for practicing steel challenge,I just got my steel challenge set from Bam Airsoft and am excited about setting up each stage.They also make a 90% mount for mounting a C More and you can get cheap clone C Mores,I looked at one when i picked up my pistol It was mounted on a M4 airsoft rifle and it was just like my real one.

I am going to cut a little off the hammer and round it a little so it does'nt come down so low near my thumb

Good Shooting

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