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22mm Globe Front Sight


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Hi, I am very new to all of this and am wanting to use iron sights while I still can. My eyes are changing again(eye exam is in 2 hours, lol). I have purchased a 22mm Riles Highboy front sight and am wondering which adjustable iris to put in it to make it usable for 3 Gun. I can't say enough about how well made the Riles is, amazing. I have been looking at Anschutz, Gehmann and Centra. I am not as concerned with shape, crosshairs, horizontal line or simple ring as much as determining which mm iris size to get for shooting a 10" plate at 200yds or a Larue at 350.

My choices for 22mm globe sights are

1.8mm-4.3mm adjustable

2.5mm-5mm adjustable

3.3mm-5.8mm adjustable

I am hoping to find somebody with Palma experience or other shooting disciplines who have experience with sighting systems such as these.

My logic(which has been wrong many times) tells me a smaller aperture will work best for distance(not that this is far for Palma and HP)and I am leaning towards the 1.8-4.3mm. Does this make sense? Or is this simply not going to work well for this application?

Thank you


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Welcome to the world of 3 Gun. I am impressed that you want to play with the few of us in the Iron sighted


I would try to persuade you away from the High Boy sight. Designed for the demanding precision that

is Palma, I don't think they will hold up to the thrashing they will receive in the more physically

demanding sport of 3 Gun.

I would add that the absolute precision an adjustable iris offers in the fixed distance /target size game of High Power

and Palma is not suitable for the ever-changing target presentations you'll see at a major 3 gun event.

Unlike between strings of fire at Palma you will not have time to fiddle with front and rear sight apertures during the

course of fire in a practical match. Oh, you can.... but the clock is running.

Furthermore, the practical 3gunner will contend with more shots up close than farther away AND will have to transition

to and from each over the course of fire. I can not imagine "optimizing" the front iris to accommodate each back and forth.

If you were to "dial-in" and settle for one size for all, then I would suggest you buy a Lyman #93 globe front and pick

an aperture and run with it! Stronger, cheaper and not subject to change during handling.

The #93 and a Lipsky barrel band front sight base will set you back less than the High Boy alone!

Best to you.


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That Lyman that Pat suggests and a standard A2 two aperature rear sight is what I am running, and with great results. Just pick a reticule for the front you like and run with it. Switching the rear from big to small is quick and very do-able on the clock.

welcome to 3gun!


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P.E. Kelley and RiggerJJ, Thank you for your responses. I have a Lyman 93 globe and haven't used it yet due to the weight. In fact, I just opened it up and looked at it and the Shaver inserts JP sent with it are for a 17mm globe, lol. I am sure JP will take care of it properly. I was initially pretty leery of the Riles Highboy being durable enough to take ports, dump barrels, etc., but after talking with Mr. Riles and describing the abuse the Highboy would go through he said it wouldn't be a problem. I told him I wouldn't expect him to honor the warranty if I broke it during 3 Gun and he told me it would still be covered and even doubted it would break or shift. He mentioned the strength and stability is actually in the grip of the serrations not the quick adjust screw. After getting my hands on one, all thoughts of it not being strong enough to handle abuse are gone. I may have him machine me a new top piece with the notch so I can use the Lyman/Shaver inserts instead of an iris and without the weight of the Lyman. Now this may seem like kind of an odd thought process..... The build I am working on right now I want to use a Daniel Defense A1.5 rear sight with a true A1 aperture. I want to run an A1 rear sight so I can flip between a 200yd zero and 300 or so yard zero and thus needed an elevation adjustable front sight. Unless you know of an A2 aperture that changes range when flipped? Currently I am running a DPMS rear sight with an A1 aperture and a Firebird Precision CQSS front sight with a .035 wide front sight post and it is working fairly well. However, my thoughts keep drifting towards concentric circles being more natural and over time faster. I was hoping an adjustable iris would allow me to open it up really wide and just go to town on hoser stages. Now if they just made a quick throw lever for adjustable irises :roflol: Sounds like the adjustable iris thing may be too much of a variable. I am using an SJC Titan comp which weighs 5+ounces and that is why I am so concerned with weight and haven't tried the Lipski Band(iron, not aluminum) even though the price is right and it looks good too. I am trying not to hang 10oz or more at the very end of my rifle. :cheers: please give me all the constructive critiquing you can about my thought process, thank you again

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I also have a JP with the lyman globe on the front. I can;t say that I have noticed the weight and am not sure a few oz would disuade me. Most of the long range shots are going to have some provision for support.


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